11 ideas to decorate your walls with niches (they are trend)

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homify Classic style living room
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The walls of a room can often overwhelm or complement its décor and style. There was only so much you could do with a wall, until now. Presenting the niches in the walls! Niches have made it possible to decorate walls beyond the usual artwork and rugs.

If you are still unsure if niches are the next big thing in home interiors, then here we show you 11 great instances of chic niches in homes:

Niche 1: A narrow niche

A niche with smaller width, but bigger length is an alternate to large niches. If you are tiling a decorative strip on your walls, these smaller niches are perfect.

Niche 2: Create multiple sections

homify Classic style living room

A niche measuring more than 50 cm is considered a big one for a single wall. But, if you section the niche into smaller sections, you get an organised and a super stylish niche! Decorate it décor that goes with the colour of the paint.

Niche 3: Triplets!

Strike rhythm and balance with a twist! Create identical niches for added beauty to your living spaces. Place decorative accessories to spice things up.

Niche 4: Free up space

TAFF Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

If a wall id too boring, but there is no space to add any further elements, then create a niche by making digging into a small area large enough for a one. Here the example is a perfect illustration of the idea.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

Niche 5: Connect Spaces

Wowa Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Bring a visual connect between two individual rooms by creating a niche in a common wall. This way, both rooms share light, and appear bigger to the eye.

Niche 6: For those with finer tastes

aaestudio Modern living room Solid Wood Wood effect

Everything in your home should be a reflection of your tastes and choices. Why not the niches too, then? Create personal spaces in niches. For instance, here is a swank mini bar in a niche!

Niche 7: Make a niche for what you love

AT103 Modern living room

This is a continuation of the previous instance. Love reading books, but no place for your book buddies? Make a mini library out of your niche!

Checkout Some home library ideas here.

Niche 8: Put your furniture in the limelight

If there is a piece of furniture you love, then treat with a perfect niche! Frame your niche around the furniture to give it a highlight amidst the other pieces in your home.

Niche 9: Light up!

Add uber luxury to your wall by lining your niche with lights. This creates a unique atmosphere that you can show off!

Niche 10: Almost a niche

URBN Modern dining room

If you do not want to disturb your wall, but would still like a niche, then create a small one that would look like it is supported by the walls on both ends. Place lamps and accessories to decorate.

Niche 11: Replace a piece of furniture

Not enough space for all your furniture? Then create a niche that will double as a placeholder or shelf for your things. Here, a niche serves as a kitchen side table and ups the style quotient of the space!

Here are 11 Niche ideas you would want for your home. Try them and share your comments.

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