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​Few tips for a modern bathroom

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Bathrooms can be of varied styles and designs. The latest design in bathrooms that has been highly embraced and appreciated by people is the modern Bathroom. Modern bathroom ideas incorporate trendy wall patterns, classy furnishings, eclectic storage and highly effective lighting. As they say, ‘there is no limit to creativity’, similarly a modern bathroom can be designed or redesigned as per need and requirement. They look equally stylish and sophisticated, even in smaller areas. The sleek storage ideas turn even the smallest corners into highly functional areas and the use of geometric and bevelled mirrors further adds a sense of space and warmth. The strategic placement and appointment of efficient LED lamps imbues brightness and radiance in the bathroom area. This idea book will bring into notice some of the leading trends and the ideas behind creating a lavish modern bathroom.

Classy furnishings

Another major component of bathroom design is the furnishing. This wide domain collectively contains external storage units, sanitary ware, fittings and even collectibles. Sanitary ware can be strategically chosen according to the layout and design of the bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, compact and neutral coloured sanitary ware is highly recommended. They create a sense of space and also exude high brilliance. Use of high quality bathroom fittings like showers, taps and holders impart a highly classy look. The advent of technology and modern sensibilities has made it possible to use wall-mounted fittings. Some of these designs are partly inbuilt in the walls and only partly visible outside which collectively makes a sassy and creative bathroom design. Smart bathroom caddies and colourful planters make an additional highlight in this peaceful space. Smart encryptions on the wall too make a stunning sight.

Hot tub/Spa, all in one!

bathroom fitted with spa or hot tub is the new talk of the town. Why shell so much money outside when you can get the same comfort and experience right in your bathroom? Though highly preferred by rich and wealthy people, a cosy spa can be created even in a small bathroom. This ornate design can be the size of a small bathtub that can give you the pleasure of both hot and cold water to relieve you of all the tensions and worries. Together with the soft lighting and soulful music, you can have an ultimate relaxing time with your partner in your own personal bathroom. This modern idea is highly popular in contemporary designs and gives you the same feel as an opulent resort or a five star hotel.

Stylish wall designs

Mute and neutral bathroom colours have been predominant since last many decades. The modern bedroom, along with the conventional colours, also incorporates bright touches of cool and crazy colours that collectively put a great show together. While light colours are still preferred for smaller bathrooms, large bathrooms are decorated with bright accents and colourful displays to make a stellar presence. They are brightly paired with colourful storage drawers and furnishings to make it as important a room as any other room of the house. There is so much that can be done with bathroom walls. Exposed wooden shelves, funky bathroom caddies, stone or brickwork, intricate choice of colours and paintings can prove to be very helpful while designing a bathroom.

Modern bathtub

One of the main constituents of a modern bathroom is a suave and dapper looking bathtub. Now bathtubs can be included in no specific shape and pattern. Recent times have introduced curvy designs and bizarre patterns that can truly change the overall look of your bathroom. Don’t lose heart if you have a small bathroom. The latest collection of bathtubs is designed to suit all sizes and shapes. Just like a freestanding bathtub design, a country style bathroom, modern shapes, weird combinations and creative colour combinations define the modern bathroom. Designed by Patrick Bradley Architects, from UK, the picture shows a hammock styled bathtub that is harnessed from the sides and give a hanging feel from the bottom. It makes a cool resting place that, if coupled with fragrant candles and cosy lights will make an eternal combination.

Space effective storage

Storage is indispensable in every room of the house. Even the bathroom needs wise and effective storage. The storage should be such that it does not make the place look clumsy and shabby. The modern designs make use of sleek patterns and sensibilities that not only add functionality, but also keep the looks intact. A cool blend of colours can be used for adding a fun element. For smaller spaces, one should prefer vertical storage that is highly effective and looks equally beautiful as well. You might as well try to go for asymmetric patterns and designs for drawers and storage cabinets. Modern and eclectic designs ignite curiosity that further enhances the look of the place. Use of exposed shelves made of wood or metal also adds a transparent and chic storage spot. Make sure to use creative storage spots like underneath basins, etc. for utilizing every inch to the maximum.

Use of strategic lighting

Alike any other room of the house, lighting plays an imperative role in the bathroom as well. It is very important to maintain proper brightness and also highlight all the distinctive displays and embellishments. The bathroom lighting should never be overwhelming as it can put an extra strain on your eyes. On the contrary, it should be ultra soothing and should exude a natural aura that makes you relax and regenerate in peace. Efficient use of LED lamps on the wall and ceiling are not only power effective but also look good against the symmetrically designed wall patterns. Incorporating concealed lighting and back-lit displays further make the designs prominent and do not get them over powered with strong brightness. Installing lights in closed cabinets and a top mirrors help in power saving and better focusing.

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How would you like to embellish your modern bathroom? Do let us know in the comments below.

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