12 cheap and stylish ways to use bamboo in your home

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All over the world, people have discovered the benefits of using bamboo. It’s not only a versatile and eco-friendly option but can also make a home look stylish. Of course, bamboo has been used by architects and designers for centuries in Asia for building homes. However, it was always considered a poor man’s alternative to wood and gradually lost its charm. Such a shame, because bamboo is not only environment friendly to cultivate but also strong and affordable, making it the perfect choice if you are looking to make your home green on a small budget!

How can you use bamboo to bring style to your home? We’ve highlighted 12 options for you.

1. Garden wall

Besides being cheap, bamboo is weather resistant, making it ideal for covering an ugly garden wall. Paired with other green elements such as a living wall, it introduces a lush, natural ambiance to the area.

2. Home decoration

Consider bamboo when you are looking to add greenery to your living room. It’s not as expensive as house plants and requires very little maintenance. It can also be used to create a stunning piece of oversized decor.

3. Privacy for the balcony

Bamboo works well for providing a screen for large areas as it grows really fast. You can use it to create a green wall on the balcony as the leaves on the plant are small and dense, making it like a natural curtain.

4. Dividing wall and a soothing vibe

Some rooms require a visual barrier to separate the different zones within. In this living room, using a combination of long and short bamboo sticks creates an interesting element besides bringing an almost meditative ambiance to the room.

5. Kitchen cupboards

Bamboo can work in the kitchen too as an alternative to wood. Use processed boards made from bamboo to replace old cabinet doors for adding a new look to the kitchen.

6. Rustic feel

Bamboo has a soothing feel, which makes it a popular material for rooms in holiday resorts. You can bring in a relaxed and rustic vibe to even a small indoor area by covering the wall with bamboo strips. This is an easy D-I-Y project.

7. Light and sturdy outdoor seating

Bamboo furniture is a great option for outdoor areas such as balconies as they are weather resistant. It works well as an option for seating in a small balcony as stools made from bamboo can be moved around easily and are sturdy too.

8. Decorative basket

Baskets made from woven bamboo strips are stunning and can be used as decorative and functional accessories in a living room or bedroom for storing cushions, throws or magazines.

9. Oversized lampshades at low cost

Large bamboo shades over hanging lamps can make a bold statement in a room. Since bamboo is an affordable material to work with, you can use it to add luxurious lighting to your living room.

10. Partially private wall

Bamboo can bring a slick look to almost any room, making it a popular choice of material for home builders. Loosely arranged bamboo pieces help to bring partial privacy to a room, while simultaneously inviting natural light into it.

11. Cheap and strong planters

Bamboo is cheap and easy to work with, which makes it ideal for D-I-Y projects. It can be used to build planters for the garden as it’s weather resistant and sturdy.

12. Bamboo blinds

Blinds made from bamboo are charming as they present filtered views of the outdoors, creating a link with nature. Paired with other natural materials such as stone or wood, it adds a lovely ambiance to any room.

See 5 tips for a more eco-friendly home for other ideas on making your home green.

Where would you use bamboo in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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