11 wooden cabins for those living the natural life

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When we talk about wood, there is only one word to describe it… Noble! Although many would consider it almost too basic and simple, however, the truth is that the professionals who work with it and have many properties for architecture and design purposes, know that the projects visualized and created from this material become truly Eye—popping!

The only limitation in wooden house is our imagination. Or else these houses are mainly economical, aesthetically attractive and have the ability to acclimatize with the surroundings. Wood also allows our houses to take a varied tone and texture. With proper use of it our project can transform a rustic house of our dream to a fully modern and welcoming home.

Does it seem to be too real? Believe me that with these projects you will be anxious to use woods to build your dream cabin.

​The imposing structures..

It is completely designed in wood, and just look at its effect. It has a traditional style but with a subtle modern touch that we see from the strips used as guardrails, and in the large square windows. The detail of the interior shed structure is amazing! The whole structure is perfect!

The country style..

Traditional is what defines this cabin! Although it has the colonial touch, however, the neat and simple use of woods looks pleasing. Just look at the tone! Wood is used throughout the range for window, stairs, doors and even furniture.  

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​The most rustic…

A style can be conceptualized from simplicity, and this is an example. This simple cottage has become a beautiful home just by the way they treated the material in the facades. It has made this rustic cabin ideal for holiday.

Are you already looking for a weekend there? That's simply because of the rustic feel of the naturalness of the material and use of it to enhance its beauty. The stained streaks of imperfect wood worn out by the passage of time make this cabin perfect for our holiday. Isn’t it?

​The simplest…

The key of this cabin was perhaps a desire to own a wooden cabin within a limited budget. Usually our cabins are the extension of our houses, so we often have a tight budget for it. This project falls in these categories. The clear motive here is to build a simple cabin, make is economically viable and have a comfortable effect.

​The most resistant…

This cabin has a modern charm.  Smooth, simple designs, without much decoration except for the natural woods!  It is not only that. It has also used the material as a cover for the facades and for the floor of the terrace. Wood is for everything!

Some more skin…

In this image the cabin has added a structure to the external surface that allows generating ventilation or thermal care. It is the equivalent to clothes for us. It acts as a second skin on the facade.

​The most decorative…

This house has traditional look in the shape of its interior and even that of the windows. However, here the wood has been used thoughtfully. The main highlight of this cabin is beautiful vertical streaks of woods. In addition to giving simplicity to the project, it helps the cabin to look higher.

​The closest to your environment…

This small cabin rises above the ground and looks like to be floating.  A modern touch packed in this compact space seems to be having dialogues with the nature and merges with its environment.

​Something more solid…

Wood can also be used as a denser concrete material when we are using it in large volumes. This house is an example of this. This cabin stands out for its size but since it is build with the wood, it makes it fuse with the forest.

Something more modern…

The wood is used subtly here in this cabin because in this modern cabin, more emphasis is on the ventilations and to welcome abundant natural lights. The judicious use of glass is the highlights of the structure, but at the same time it is not taking away the importance of the wood. The inside of this cabin is beautiful!

​Something more risky…

This cabin comes as an example where wood has been used in all shapes. A modern cabin has wood as facade, as cover on the roof, as decoration and in stairs; in all its shades and texture. In all its form, the material has tried to give a modern touch in this project.

Although this material is one of the oldest, but undoubtedly when it comes to build a place to rest or for our vacation, it is the best! Being a versatile material, it gives comfort and homey touch with a style.

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Which one of these will become your dream cabin? Please leave your comment.

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