10 Pictures of wooden kitchens you need to see before getting yours

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There is nothing as surreal, fantastic, and functional like a wooden kitchen. But when you really start planning your own, you will realize that there are a multitude of options available when it comes to wooden kitchens and it’s easy to get confused. Lucky for you, we have put together 10 stunning wooden kitchens done by expert designers to inspire you.

1. Play with different shapes and materials

In this kitchen, the wooden cabinets have been incorporated with glass, making the entire design extremely interesting. There is also a definitive contrast with the wood and black coloured kitchen top. There is also a big window above the sink, letting natural light come in.

2. A rather young kitchen

A wooden kitchen doesn’t always have to be vintage and boring, you can give your kitchen a rather young look, just like this one.

In fact, this kitchen is pretty innovative with a central island that has wheels, making the island easily movable from one part of the kitchen to another.

3. Take inspiration from an old kitchen

If modern isn’t your style, and you want to keep your kitchen rustic, we recommend sticking to a design like this.

You can keep the overall design classic and vintage like this kitchen, but do not be afraid to add modern elements to the space.

4. More cabinets and shelves

One of the biggest struggles with a small kitchen is space – and that is why you need more and more cabinets and shelves. Try to get creative with them so there is more space to store. Also, focus on the cabinet handles to maintain the charm of your kitchen space.

5. A romantic kitchen

There is really nothing like a romantic kitchen with vintage cabinets and wooden counter top. This design would work rather amazingly for small kitchens.

6. A mix of materials

The best way to get the best out of your kitchen is by combining the best of materials. This kitchen, for instance, has a vintage looking cabinet on one side and on the other there are modern elements to provide the perfect balance.

7. Conventional stove in an unconventional way

The vintage and conventional stove in this kitchen has been placed in a unconventional way, especially with slogan on top in chalk. The rest of the kitchen is minimalistic.

8. Make it small and interesting

This is might be a small kitchen in the house but the incorporation of different textures and colours, makes it so much more interesting. While a stark dark coloured wood is used both for cabinets and the base of the kitchen island, the counter top is granite and for the tiles a seaweed green colour has been chosen.

9. An L-shaped kitchen

Nothing beats an L-shaped kitchen, especially when you are out of space. This kitchen might be small, but there is still ample of space for storage and to be able to stand and cook.

10. A special coloured wood

Just because you want a wood kitchen doesn’t mean you should go with a plain and boring shade? Try experimenting with the wood colour just like this kitchen, which uses an orange-ish wooden shade.

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