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Residence at Carmichael Road, Dhruva Samal & Associates Dhruva Samal & Associates Colonial style living room
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This house on Carmichael Road, an affluent neighbourhood in Mumbai, is a mix of classy materials, beautiful furnishing and artistic decor. Pops of vibrant colours add spice to the beige and white environment of the house, while traditional or vintage elements lend a unique charm. Lush indoor greenery and gently curved arches make for a setting which is open, spacious, bright and refreshing. The interior architects at Dhruva Samal & Associates have done a great job with this property.

Inviting living

A wide arch with gently curved corners partitions the living space subtly from other parts of the home. Beige marble flooring coupled with elegant sofas and a beautifully carved wooden bench make the atmosphere relaxing and welcoming. Potted palms brighten up the walls, while a multicolour rug adds life to the smooth floor.

Colours and warmth

An old-fashioned but charming coffee table crafted from wood pulls the look together in the living space. Yellow, red and brown cushions add oodles of spice and liveliness, while the lamp in the corner is an elegant piece. The painting also breaks the monotony of smooth cream-hued walls.

Bright corner

A couple of foldable wooden chairs and a sleek corner table holding a unique decorative piece make this the perfect nook for relaxing or reading. Tall glass windows bring in tons of sunlight, while a Chinese style scroll, a framed wall decor piece and a traditional-looking small chest offer aesthetic pleasure.

Regal dining

The spacious dining area features stylish and stately furniture crafted from dark wood. Potted greens add freshness, while the windows bring in natural light abundantly. The vintage dresser on the right, the figurines on the windowsills, and wall decor pieces express the owner’s love for Indian heritage and art culture.

Sophisticated elements

The arched doorway leading to a bright and airy passage is a quaint touch in this home. The wooden chest on the left is gorgeously decorative, and the paintings add personality to the plain walls. A bookshelf at the end of the passage proclaims the love for reading that the owners cherish.

Spacious and beautiful bedroom

Spotless white walls and sleek, modern furniture make the bedroom a soothing and bright space. The shelving unit opposite the bed is simple yet stylish, while the vintage style mirror in the corner looks regal. Colourful artworks and a grey, yellow and black floor make this a vibrant space, while wooden panels on the ceiling offer cottage-like charm.

Unique touch

Here’s another simple but cosy bedroom, equipped with a plush bed and traditional and elegant side tables. But what took our breath away is the round porthole-like window with a vibrant painted glass screen. It livens up the space incredibly.

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