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Apart from being an affordable wall accessory, wallpaper has redefined its existence in real life. It is no more just a paper used to conceal worn out patches and scratches. Contemporary lifestyle has made wallpaper an absolute essential accent that brings out the best in every room. Wallpaper can be chosen from a gamut of designs. There is so much you can do with this single strip of colourful and thick paper. While plain wallpapers are suited for a mute look, bright and colourful wallpapers can totally change the course of your thinking and imagination. The wallpaper industry has indeed evolved in a jiffy. The latest invention is the 3-D wallpaper that exudes an entirely different effect in the room by adding optical illusionary patterns. Similarly, cartoon based wallpapers are favoured by the kids who would like to start their day with their favourite TV person. This ideabook highlights some really cool and chic designs that have been doing rounds these days. From simple to eclectic and nature inspired, this article provides you deep insights about everything in the wallpaper world.

Subtle yet stylish

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ A lot can be done with simple and plain designs. Plain wallpaper not only adds contrast to the soothing colours, but also with a sleek design can add fun elements in the room. Not even contrast, some rich wallpaper can add a royal touch with fine golden and silver detailing that looks absolutely regal and charming. With slight splashes of colour here and there, the whole aura becomes fresh and mesmerizing. Designed by Pixie progetti prodotti, designers from Italy, this particular wallpaper depicts a single matte-finished women on a stone washed wallpaper that looks absolutely spectacular against the industrial living room. This eclectic touch can be further highlighted with the use of brighter and much powerful accents. Use of single monochromatic colour also adds the much needed drama and glamour.

Bright & colourful

Bright and colourful wallpapers can be a great addition to your dull room. They break the monotony of pale and subtle interiors and add a sudden splash of youth and cheer. Bright wallpaper can be so powerful that it might focus the entire attention towards itself. This most striking feature of the room does not need any other embellishments or fancy products with it. It is a one-man army that can make or break the entire look of the room. Who says wallpaper looks good only in the living room or bedroom? Even in bathrooms and kitchens, wallpapers can add a great touch. This picture depicts a bright wallpaper that looks absolutely stupendous against the ceramic white bathtub. Bright wallpapers are perfect for creating an inexpensive effect that is nothing less than the actual aura.

Nature laden

A nature-laden wallpaper is a boon for all nature lovers. The beautiful display of flowers, greenery, birds, animals or even aquatic life can bring an unannounced zeal to the room that will add a fun repertoire. A natural or nature inspired wallpaper is a great accenting feature for dull interiors and adds as an informal link between the exteriors and the interiors. They are indeed merrymaking and cheerful. When coupled with lush green planters and colourful flowers, can totally bring the outside garden inside into your bedroom. The above example shows a narrow wooden path leads you towards natural Zen. There are endless possibilities to choose from according to your choice and colour. Wallpapers with textured features are also highly popular in this category as they give an earthy and original touch.

Culturally inspired

Catalina Estrada Mural ref 1280205, Paper Moon Paper Moon Walls & flooringWallpaper
Paper Moon

Catalina Estrada Mural ref 1280205

Paper Moon

For people who love rich cultural and architectural heritage, wallpapers can be really helpful in recreating the same wonder inside the house. For instance, the above picture is a creative design of Charles Perrault, the man who introduced us to fairy tales. Similar to the above design, there are enormous stories like Cinderella, Little Red riding hood and other classic tales that can be depicted through wallpapers. Even rich cultural and natural heritage like the Bengal tiger, the architectural wonders of the world and many other sites can be easily accentuated through wallpapers. For people who have the penchant towards traditional paintings and artwork, wallpapers can prove to be extremely useful in showcasing their rich cultural heritage. They can even be customised according to selectively chosen paintings and drawings.

Three dimensional

Mural wallpaper 뮤럴벽지, U2 U2 Walls & flooringWallpaper

Another unique characteristic of a wallpaper is the one that brings an optical illusion in the room. As opposed to the regular sleek look, these wallpapers add another dimension to the room that makes it visually appealing and aesthetically classy. Specially chosen for living rooms and bedrooms, 3-D wallpapers generate a sense of distinct charm and can instantly enlighten the whole room. This effect is created by a selective choice of colours that are usually contrasting to each other and to the overall décor. Apart from adding a great depth to the room, these illusionary bits can make your room the most desirable part of the whole house. You can pair these with bright and colourful collectibles in blood red or teal or maybe orange shades for added edginess and brightness.

Perky wallpaper for kids

Disney girl's wallpaper Allwallpapers Nursery/kid's roomAccessories & decoration

Disney girl's wallpaper


Kids love colours and brightness. These features ignite their curiosity and always keep them in a bright and cheerful mood. What better way to add an extra bit of joy than themed wallpapers? Mute pink for girls and mute blue for boys have been used since ages. It is time for some refreshing change. Creating a princess theme for your daughter or sporty theme for your son is made easy by the use of themed wallpapers. Only after choosing the wallpaper, you can further accentuate the room. Pairing these with the correct furniture and decorative items can bring out an altogether real effect in the room. Kids love to play around their favourite cartoon character and get familiarized with their stories and virtual lives.  We hope these wallpaper designs inspired you with creative ideas and inspirations to give your house a new feel.

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