​10 Feng Shui Designed Home Inspirations

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ERC Scandinavian style living room
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Most of us have heard of Feng Shui, but just in case your memory’s a bit rusty, here’s a quick rehash. 

Feng Shui (pronounced feng shway) is an ancient Chinese philosophical technique which focuses on the idea that the placement of objects within your surroundings affects your personal energy flow. And since your personal energy flow influences how you think and act, which results in how well you perform and succeed, this places a significant importance on the arrangement of your personal belongings.  

And yes, we are one step ahead of you – apparently the precise placement of objects in and around your home can attract (and also chase off) some beneficial rewards, such as wealth and prosperity. 

So, with some visual representation and for your inspiration, let’s take a look at 10 homes that all harvest the positive power of Feng Shui.

1. Perfectly balanced materials

With Feng Shui, the essential five elements to consider are wood, earth, metal, fire and water. Incidentally, fire is symbolised by red objects, sharp angles, candlesticks and fireplaces.

Thus, take a look around your interiors to see how the different elements are placed and balanced. And please avoid cluttering your spaces with too many objects of the same material.

2. Some harmonising H²0

Water feature, bench and Palm tree with lighting MyLandscapes Garden Design Modern garden
MyLandscapes Garden Design

Water feature, bench and Palm tree with lighting

MyLandscapes Garden Design

Lovers of Feng Shui know that water is seen as a good-luck charm. And even though a running water feature is a first-prize option, a tranquil stone-garden water pool would also suffice.

3. The ideal spot for snoozing

Georgetown Master Bedroom Lighting Hinson Design Group Modern style bedroom
Hinson Design Group

Georgetown Master Bedroom Lighting

Hinson Design Group

Never ever place your bed with your feet pointing out the door. But also ensure that your bed doesn’t face away from the door. 

The perfect placement of your bed will ensure positive energy flowing to and from your bedroom.

4. No dead zones

Feng Shui doesn’t like kitchen cupboards that don’t reach the ceiling, as these tend to become ‘dead zones’ devoid of energy or life.

To counteract this, place some lively household plants on top of those cupboards, or even some beautiful lighting fixtures could do the trick.

5. Your entrance hallway

Dead energy tends to increase in long, narrow hallways (according to Feng Shui, at least). Thus, take a look at this hallway above for some inspiration on how to fill up that dead space.

A mirror, a bench, some wall art, lighting fixtures… you get the point.

6. Focus on your furniture placement

Space your sofas so that there are only a few centimetres of breathing room between them and the wall. If you want a floating arrangement, butt the sofa up against some kind of console. 

And make sure your furniture is arranged in such a way that they provide a good view of all entrance areas. 

Need an interior designer’s perspective on furniture placement? Have a look at our extensive range of professionals here on homify…

7. A well-placed desk

Your home office desk should generally be put in a position with a commanding view of the door. This is to help avoid the problem of having people come up behind you unexpectedly. 

If this isn’t possible, a layout like our example above is a good alternative. The good thing about this desk position is that it provides the occupant a view of the exteriors, which is much better than having a desk butt up against a solid wall.

8. Soft window dressings

Natural light needs to seep indoors, as it is a great source of positive energy. That is why you need to keep those windows clean and clear.

Opt for curtains or drapes that are soft and allow for a maximum flow of light, but which will also provide for maximum privacy at night. They are far better than wooden blinds.

9. Houseplants

Plants symbolise energy and new life, which is what you want inside your house. Plus they have been proven to have a healing effect on our psyches. 

Whatever plants or flowers you opt for, just be sure to keep them strong and healthy, as a wilting plant will start to drain the energy from your home.

10. Items of art and beauty

ERC Scandinavian style living room

A lot of homes are unbalanced due to their overpowering number of dull and store-bought items, which typically lack personal beauty and touches. Artwork and décor pieces should not only be purchased for their aesthetic qualities, but also because of what they mean to you (and your home) on a personal level. 

Just be careful to avoid any depictions of sad or lonely figures!

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