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4 homes with incredible floor plans: you can't miss!

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When building a home, it is very important to organize the rooms in way that flows and is functional. There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly organized home so it is vital that you put a lot of thought into how you want your spaces to be arranged. Having a floor plan that flows nicely will help to reduce congestion in certain areas and even eliminate them in some cases. Whether you have an open floor plan, such as a loft or large area for a couple of different rooms, or you choose to divide the home into separate spaces, there is still the possibility to create a great flow. What we love to give you is a beautiful home with floor plans, but today we give you 4 homes! 4 homes with incredible floor plans: you can't miss!

1.) An attic loft.

If you have an attic that is not currently being used, you should think about renovating and making it into a little loft for your home. Attics, like basements, are generally quite large but because they have severely slanted ceilings people tend to ignore them because they think it is too much work to get good use out of. But that is not the case! An attic loft can be used as an extra bedroom, a family room, a children's space to play games, a separate area for entertaining, or even a home office or studio. There are plenty of possibilities for rooms that don't require a lot of effort to create.

An open floor plan.

This attic does a good job of making use of neglected space without designating the area. Since the ceilings can be a bit restricting in some areas, it is a good idea to keep an attic free of any barriers or divisions so that the space flows nicely. This is also great because you can easily change the purpose of the room depending on the season, your mood, or just the events that are happening in the next few months. By adding divisions, the attic will seem too cramped and won't function properly, so open and airy is definitely the way to go.

Let the architecture shine.

Since you are dealing with such a unique space, it is important to let that shine through rather than trying to hide it. Let the slanted ceilings, round windows, and structural beams shine through the space and take center stage. Use them as focal points when decorating or simply incorporate them into the design. The slanted beam in this attic loft matches perfectly with the slanted ceilings but still stands out because it is in the center of the space, making a small barrier between the larger, open space and the rooms in the back. 

2.) Combine your spaces for a better flow.

One thing that we see at homify a lot is the open floor plan, usually in combination with a kitchen, living room, and dining room. These three rooms are easily incorporated because they are the spaces where you spend the most time in so it is a logical connection. The kitchen and the dining room are almost always combined, especially in smaller homes, and make sense to be placed next to each other in the open floor plan. The living room should be placed just after the two so there is a flow from cooking to eating to relaxing afterwards.

Open up your space.

Most homes that need to combine living quarters tend to be on the smaller side, but if you have the opportunity you should try to place these spaces towards the outside of the home. By adding a sliding door that leads to the backyard or balcony, you will be able to open up the space and make it feel bigger, especially during the summer months. This idea also let's a lot of natural light flow into the space during the day to make the small space feel brighter. Whether you have a small home or not, this is a great way to open up your home and is perfect for those who love to entertain.

Keeping your rooms in alignment.

Creating an open floor plan isn't always easy because you want to make sure that your rooms are all in the right order to get a good flow going in the house. This floor plan from the expansion of a single family home in Berlin is a great example of a good flowing floor plan. As we've seen above, keeping the living areas close to the outside is a great way to keep your spaces feeling more open and is also great for entertaining. Since the kitchen, living room and outdoor area are going to be the most used, it is a good idea to keep any other spare rooms off to the back so that you don't have to walk through unnecessary spaces when entertaining or simply making dinner.

3.) Use the kitchen island as a natural barrier.

rebuilt kitchen & living area brandt+simon architekten Modern kitchen White
brandt+simon architekten

rebuilt kitchen & living area

brandt+simon architekten

When you are limited on space, you need to get creative with how you want to divide your rooms without making the area feel too cramped. We've already talked about keeping the space as open as possible, but sometimes you really need to divide a room in order to get the most out of it. This kitchen and living room is a perfect example. The space is quite small so rather than put the kitchen island in the center of the space, making it feel too small, the architects have placed it in an unlikely place by the stairs to make the room feel bigger without sacrificing the island. This island divides the stairs from the kitchen and living area but doesn't take up as much room as you'd think because of its placement.

A sparse space.

Above, we discussed about the use of an attic as an extra level in the home, but what if your attic space is too small for that? Well you can still use it as an extra room for whatever you feel is missing in your home! This small attic space is perfect for the use of a music room, it is just big enough to fit a piano and maybe some other musical instruments. The incredible skylights provide a ton of natural light to the space and distract from the size of the room. The key is to work with the structure of the home rather than against it.

Let the light shine through.

Small spaces need a lot of light to make the size of the room feel bigger. It is a very important element in design that we talk about a lot. The best way is to make sure your space has many windows. Natural light instantly makes any space feel bigger so it is important that your smaller rooms have a good amount of windows. This attic is a good example of using the slanted ceilings as an advantage for adding many windows and making this small loft feel bigger.

4.) Be creative with your floor plan.

kitchen, living + dining room brandt+simon architekten Modern living room
brandt+simon architekten

kitchen, living + dining room

brandt+simon architekten

One of the best things about an open floor plan is the ability to keep it free and creative. By having a floor plan that doesn't have barriers, you are free to move our furniture around without worrying because there aren't exact areas for things to go. This apartment exemplifies this idea perfectly because the living and dining areas are so open that you can add or subtract more furniture or even move the two rooms around depending on your mood. The open floor plan allows you to be as creative as you want because it is so unrestricted.

The long kitchen.

The best way to design your kitchen if you have a small space or an open floor plan (or both), is to keep your kitchen along the wall. This creates a leaner kitchen that still has everything you need to make a great meal. This type of kitchen is great for small spaces because it keeps everything out of the way for when you are entertaining or simply moving around throughout the day since there are no islands to block you. This idea also gives you plenty of counterspace to work on as well as a lot of storage space underneath for all your appliances and housewares.

A small apartment with everything.

Most people think that a small space can't be spacious and you need to sacrifice a lot. But that isn't true! This apartment is an excellent example of how a small apartment can fit everything you want and more! As we've seen above, by keeping the open floor plan you can achieve a very spacious and creative flow in your living spaces. This apartment even features a small wall that divides the kitchen and dining areas just to give the apartment a bit more structure. The entire left half of the apartment is a bedroom and bathroom and because of the way it is organized, you can even make this room into two, perhaps adding a home office if desired.

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