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A spacious modern home

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Modern houses are the most popular styles of houses today. They are characterised by their simplicity of form, bold roof lines, and open plan living. Their styles break out of the normal moulds of houses and are homes that are built for specific people and in specific locations. It is often not the architects who dictate the design but rather the location, the function or mother nature herself. This amazing modern house was built with the clients lifestyle and needs in mind as well as accommodating for the sloping land it was built on. The design covers three levels, the two upper levels containing the living areas and the lower level housing the basement. The modern style house is matched with modern furnishings in the popular modern neutral palatte tones of grey, white, brown and black, with the occaisional splash of colour. This house was designed by Meulen Architechts.

The Glass House

This modern house is spectacular from the outside.  The entire back side of the house is covered in glass. Its huge façade is reflected beautifully in the swimming pool. There are two living areas downstairs, which both open out to the stunning pool area. They combine to form one long living area. This focus on open plan living is common in modern designs. The second living space has a double height ceiling, giving the impression of even more space above. These living areas, together with the pool would be an ideal location for socialising with friends and family. Fill your glasses at the indoor bar and stroll leisurely around the pool. Whether it is the indoor lights at night reflected in the pool or the daylight spilling into the house, these windows are a great way to link the indoors with the outdoor areas. For more ideas on pools see Modern Pool Designs.

Magical Kitchen

Modern kitchens tend to be part of the open plan living design in modern houses. They serve to provide open communication throughout the living areas. When cooking or preparing meals it is possible to remain part of the conversation. It is important to keep this in mind when making further design choices in the open plan living area. This kitchen and living area display this very well. The kitchen divides the huge open plan living area into two distinct spaces. This kitchen area opens out into the living area. The placement of the furniture creates a connection between the comfortable couches and the kitchen space. In modern open plan living, the spaces are very flexible. The options for placing furniture and decorations are endless. Consider how the room will be used to find the optimal place for furniture.

Master Bedroom

With the technological advancements in building materials the choice of home designs is now endless. Designs that were once limited by the materials available and the limitations of these materials no longer exist. This bedroom is an example of what can be achieved with imagination, and modern technologies. This amazing bedroom has windows along four walls, making the space light, bright and airy. With the new technologies in window insulation large windows like these are now popular in modern design. This huge space includes a stunning modern bed and a comfortable chair. The colour palatte reflects the modern combination of black, white, grey and brown.  In this room the brown rug seems to unify and ground all elements of the room.

Dining Room

There is a popular belief that to truly appreciate the taste of food, the other senses must be dulled. A blind clergyman from Zurich, Switzerland, Jorge Spielmann, believed so strongly in this that he opened a restaurant where guests eat in complete darkness. The restaurant, Blindekuk (blind man’s bluff in German) opened in 1999. This dining room seems to have borrowed the idea of concentrating the senses on the food rather than the view to appreciate the food. The room is essentially a wine cellar, where guests can appreciate food and wine together without the interferrance of bright lights or loud sounds. Consider making one room in a modern house dedicated to food, in order to appreciate every taste, like Jorge Spielmann and his Blindekuk restaurant. 


It is popular in modern house designs to allow the bedroom to lead seamlessly into the bathroom, with minimal barriers such as walls and doors.  This bathroom has only a large sheet of glass dividing the bathroom from the main bedroom. Once inside this stunning bathroom the true scale and beauty reveals itself. One entire wall of the room consists of a window, facing the beautiful outdoors. It allows for the bathroom to be flooded with natural bright light, whilst also allowing amazing views of nature from a prime position in a bath, in the centre of the room. This modern bathroom has a minimalist theme, but contains all the elements to make it comfortable and functional.  The mirror, basins and cabinets contain all the functional elements of the room. They have been carefully chosen to continue the simple modern theme of the house, whist allowing functionality.

Entertaining Area

The main living area of a house is where the majority of relaxing is done. It is the place where weary bones rest after a long, tiring day. It is also where much of the entertaining is done. In modern designs this tends to be part of the large open plan living area. This modern house illustrates this well. The large living area is divided by the kitchen, situated in the middle. This area is designed for more intimate entertaining although with open plan living areas, it is versatile enough to allow for parties. The huge glass windows that divide the indoors from the outdoors fold away nicely to allow the two to merge seamlessly.   

This modern home is a great example of a style and design that is becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century. Characterised by bold designs, open plan living areas and a connection between indoors and outdoors, this house illustrates these well. This house was built for the needs and tastes of it’s residents. The versitality of a modern house allows for all such requirements. Due to the flexibility of design, it is also able to adapt with the changing needs of this family. Consider a modern house to provide functionality, style with flexibility to allow for any surprises. For more ideas on modern houses see this Modern House Interior Design.

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