29 garden ideas to beautify your home entrance

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The first impression of the home comes from its front yard. A small front area could be used as an opportunity to develop it into a small low maintenance garden that will surely enhance the architecture of the house, besides offering an extra beautiful environment in the property to be used and enjoyed.

Creating a garden on the front will add colour, textures and shapes to the landscape and will undeniably make the entrance of our home the centre of all attention.

In this ideabook, we have brought 29 designs of beautiful frontal gardens for you.

Take a tour and get inspired!

​Color combination for modern or rustic facade.

Color plays an important role when decorating the façade, whether you show it through the materials of the coatings on the wall or through the plants adorning the garden. A good combination of warm and neutral tones will make it look spectacular.

Simple country look, ideal when the facade is white or in neutral colors. It will look lovely!

Imitating the rustic charm of nature with the use of native and exotic plants well adapted to the conditions of the place will give a special touch to the garden adorning the front of the house.

​Defining the limits of the house will make the garden look perfect and in harmony with the design of your house.

114, URBN URBN Minimalist houses

Any well planned space that takes into consideration the functionality of the area will definitely look spectacular and better than we expect it to look.

The decorative elements of the front garden compliment the architectural style of the facade and the vase-shaped fountain emphasizes its rustic spirit.

Stone is one of the materials that bring warmth and character to the architectural designs. The idea of building an alliance between the natural elements and water will make the garden spread freshness and a relaxed feeling.

​A beautiful vine that hangs from the top adds a special charm and the distribution of plants provide movement.

The variety of plants in the garden will help us to emphasize on the architectural designs that we want to stand out against the rest of the set.

The idea is to design a well-decorated space that matches the architecture and decoration of the house with your lifestyle and your time for gardening.

Consider planting the types of fast growing plant; this will save you time and dedication in maintaining the front garden and will always look spectacular.

​Wild variety plants are symmetrical with the architectural design of the house and is a visual delight

Although it is very modern, yet these types of plants give a subtle rustic touch in the decoration of the facade.

Plants can help in emphasizing the height and architectural details of the house, as it does on this balcony.

Modern architecture is all about striking a right balance between the outside and inside of the house. The large windows are characteristic of this style, so that the presence of the front garden on the balcony is in harmony with the environments.

The contrasting color of the facade and the vegetation have generated a design full of life.

Color has an important role to play within the elements that make up a facade. Through the color-combinations we decide to use, we will mark to a great extent the style it will represent. A bright, full of life color will make the garden vibrant as we can see in the image.

​A garden that marks the access to the house.

The pathways in the garden besides being decorative, offer us the comfort and security of walking in the garden while being able to admire it. An entrance with a nice garden accompanied by these pathways will make the access to the house look spectacular.

A path framed by a small garden will make the access to the home is spectacular.

A wider path designed at the entrance to the garden (especially from the perspective of access from the interior of the house) which narrows down as we move towards the end, gives an illusion of greater depth and size for a spectacular entrance.

​The vibrant color of plants in the garden will make the rest of the colors stand out in amazing shapes.

If you also include flowers or aromatic plants in the garden, you will create an amazing atmosphere, delicately perfuming the environment and leaving a unique impression.

The number of plants should be well chosen and correctly distributed to avoid accidents.

Harmony and order are vital if you wish to decorate any space, and gardens are no exception. We can create a perfect décor by balancing a suitable rhythm between the type of the plants, their location and the architectural style of the house.

​For the front garden of your house to look modern, analyze the contrast of the materials of the facade.

The stone and nature blends well with the metal and white walls to offer a wide range of textures, shapes and sizes that mark the height of the house and help to emphasize the details of the construction of this house.

Lighting is one of the important factors in the design of the garden; it must provide security and offer a warm look at the same time.

A well lit facade not only looks spectacular, it also makes us feel safe when arriving at night. We are able to walk safely and have a correct visibility of the surroundings.

You can see more about landscape lighting.

The water element will certainly make the front garden of your house spectacular and cool.

Water is life! In a garden, the source of it cannot be missed. They are elegant, fresh and emit a soothing sound; perfect to provide a positive energy to the entrance of our house.

​If the garden is small and has grass, it should always be kept well cut so as not to break with the harmony of the whole, especially if it is minimalist.

[Casa SD], Wowa Wowa Modern houses

In minimalist design like the image, the front garden is decorated by a well-trimmed grass, small and appropriate orange shrubs and a stylish tree.

​The plants are perfect to emphasize the character of the house, these being the ones that are responsible for providing the shades of color and textures.

If the architecture of our house is sober and discreet, the garden should maintain the same characteristics to achieve the harmony and elegance.

Pots with flowers (simplicity that enchants).

Decorating a front garden with potted plants make us feel the presence of nature in any environment.

The clean lines and clear colors of the architecture, allow this garden to go with the design of this house.

In the modern gardens of simple and minimalist houses, vegetation should not compete with the design of the house but complement it.

​If space is available, including different varieties of plants will add textures, colors and shapes unique to the facade of the house.

With this we can add a greater dynamism to the garden and create a certain rhythm in different spaces.

​Choose the plants that adapt to the climate where the house is located, the amount of sun or shade they need and the height at which they can grow.

Plants that receive the right amount of light and shade will make the facade garden look beautiful and well cared. A bad choice can bring many problems to you.

Trees, besides providing privacy, can elegantly decorates the facade of a house.

In addition to providing privacy to the upper rooms of the house, they will also provide shades and cool the interior of the house.

​To enrich the architectural concept of the house, plants are the best source to break the solidity of buildings by adding life and contrasts to it.

The plants can harmonize the decoration and the design of the house, both interior and exterior. They are decorative in nature and offer great physical, psychological and aesthetic benefits to the space in which they are placed.

​A garden full of style.

The formal garden of geometric style is for classic style houses. Finely cut grass, outlined shrub patterns and plants cut out in geometric shapes require high maintenance.

​The garage is almost always a lifeless area; some splash of green will transform its appearance naturally.

The garage area is often a neglected space when it comes to setting or decorating them. With the presence of a discreet garden, which does not require much maintenance, we can completely change its appearance surprisingly.

The palm trees are perfect to give a tropical touch to the garden of our house and combine with almost all architectural styles.

The palms can give a very Mexican look to the design of our facade and our garden.

Palm trees!

As we mentioned before, the palms are perfect and fits well in all styles, even in the most modern.

​The unevenness can be used to the maximum to place a nice front garden, which balances the architectural set.

Creating a design in different heights will offer us the possibility of generating a sensationally larger space.

Which garden do you like best? We invite you to tell us by leaving a comment. 

Continues to enjoy the wide variety of  books of ideas that homify has for you.

Which garden do you like the most? We invite you to tell us by leaving a comment.

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