Eclectic shower stall designs for your bathroom

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Shower stalls today have come a long way from the early days of curtained off bathroom corners and now comprise of stylish all glass enclosures. Bathrooms now even in rural areas are no longer relegated to secluded corner of the boundary wall and are an integral part of the house. Trendy bathtub shower units are becoming common as people want to enjoy both tub and shower as the mood suits them. While plastic curtained bathroom showers are still common in homes and hotels, these are slowly being replaced with plastic and glass doors with metal frames. Showers with metal frames of steel and aluminum tend to corrode over time so designers now recommend frameless glass shower units some of which have been displayed in this article.

Glass Sauna

This frameless glass enclosure enhances the overall layout of this colonial bathroom with gilded mirrors sand curved leg furniture. Due to its flexible structure and sleek design this shower system can be fitted to any bathroom be it colonial, modern, eclectic or country style. If the glass has a baked finish it will repel both soap specks and water droplets making it easy to clean and maintain. The glassed enclosure can also become a sauna if steaming hot water is used for bathing.

​Aquatic beauty

The most enchanting part of this bathroom is the blue aquamarine tiles with green and white patterns that give a soothing feeling to its interiors.  White cabinets and sanitary ware add to the elegance of this bathroom which looks large and expansive because of the quadrant shower unit in the corner with space saving hinged doors.  Simple steel fittings in the shower and steel door handles are perfectly matched against the steel counter in the washbasin area.

Golden monochrome delight

The pretty black pattern against spotless white background enhances the pretty shower area with golden colored hardware.  Even in a constrained space like this bathroom the designer has managed to fit in this attractive shower unit by cleverly giving the wall tiles a slightly curvaceous angle. The golden outline of the shower stall extends from roof to almost the floor and has golden handles and hinges that hold the glass door to the shower frame. This three dimensional wonder can be fitted into any bathroom style as it is certainly a notch above plain glass cubicles.

Seamless sliding comfort

Modern homes in urban areas lack space which is most evident in the bathrooms that are cramped and when a person goes for a bath, water and soap spill all over the place. In this situation a sliding door shower unit like this is the most creative option with sliding doors on both sides so user can enter and exit according to his comfort level without spilling water or soap outside the shower area.

Shower in a tub

This lovely design can turn an ordinary looking tub into a shower station without the usual dull plastic shower curtain. The framed tempered glass enclosure with geometric design built on the tub frame creates a sturdy structure. With this design users can be assured that water will not spill around the bathroom and can enjoy  both tub and shower facilities. Tempered glass is always advisable for this type of structure as it is durable and does not get damaged easily of users accidently hits their elbow or head against it.

Thoughtful hinged design

Lack space in the bathroom for an extra door? This smartly designed contemporary frameless bifold hinged door can help take care of this problem. Though it appears simple and fragile this tempered glass door gives the bathroom a spacious look without disturbing the overall structure in any manner. The bifold design with hinges opens inwards into the shower area allowing the user to comfortably step in without fear of banging against the door or wall. 

Step into privacy

The in-swing door design of this shower design by Valeria Ganina ensures that the shower doors are always closed after use. The golden frame may look a  little ostentatious for most people but it is rightly suited for this classic style bathroom with porcelain tiles and walls in muted colors. Designers of these bathroom have thoughtfully kept the shower stall at the end of the bathroom which makes it look long and roomy as the angular design gives privacy to shower users.

Stone shower zone

The unusual tile design of this beautiful shower cabinet gives it an out of the world ambiance with sliding glass doors and spacious walls. Completely frame less sliding doors make walking in and out of this step in shower area a pleasurable journey. Best feature here is the colorful glass tiles which gives a striking appearance to the shower area in direct contrast to white color scheme of the bathroom.

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