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The stairs, these days are not used for their literal meaning of connecting two floors. The meaning, design and functionality have changed manifold. Now, apart from carrying you from one place to another, the stairs are used to exude a bold look and ebullience to your domestic abode. A well-appointed staircase, if laid neatly, can bring about a noble sophistication and eminent affectation that is par excellence. They not only accessorise the hallway, but also imbibe an informal stance to the whole house. There is so much that can be done with the stairs. One can choose from the enormous designs and patterns, which can be wisely designed using a gamut of materials like wood, glass, metal and many others. Here, we bring you some fantastic ideas that show how the trend of stairs has evolved in the recent times. From spiral to sleek and eclectic, this idea book covers all it takes to get inspired and motivated with designer staircases.

Sleek & slender

This construction is perfect for those who prefer edgy and bizarre layouts in their homes. Imparting a pure modern touch, these steps portray an array of logs that are freely suspended in the air. With absolutely no connection in between, they generate curiosity and will surely make your guests wonder about its beautiful and innovative creation. These patterns can be created in metal and glass stairways as well. Apart from adding great depth to the room, they are also highly functional and sturdy in design. A cool resting station is created beneath these stairs, which is perfect for a cosy hangout with friends and family.  This setup can be easily created in a small city apartment as well as in bigger houses. It adds a beautiful statement to your house with a minimal approach.

Sky lit

A common form of stairs in Indian and Mediterranean households is the sky lit variety. Not much popular in city apartments, these stairs still hold a prominent position in laid-back houses that are sprawled over two to three storeys. These stairs serve a dual purpose. Not only they take you from point A to point B but also unfold positivity and bliss in the house with the beautiful radiance of natural light. Specially designed in the middle or central region, the sky lit stairs are also a great place to unwind and relax with pals. They can be further embellished with indoor plants that exude freshness and joy. This neat arrangement functions in the best possible way and imparts a warm and homely feel to the house. It not only connects the floors but also makes the inmates feel closer to each other.

Classic style

Another form of traditional stairs is the classic style that was highly popular during British colonial times. In India, these stairs were either found in the houses of governors or viceroys or even high class village zamindars. What pleases us the most about this design is its simplistic and sturdy nature. The use of royal, fine quality wood like Teak, Oak or even Ebony creates a highly impactful statement that not only blends well with other wooden detailing of the house but also creates a bold and durable look. Just like the picture, try pairing the stairs with soft and cosy lighting to make a snugging study in one corner. You can even go for shaded or lightly toned wood as per the house interiors and décor.


The contemporary design is all about creative ideas and unique patterns. In modern designs, innovation has no boundaries. A sleek fleet of stairs can even be built in the most remote or small corners of the house as well. By employing circular, angular and even a mix of these designs, a contemporary feel can be added to otherwise boring stairs. The above picture is an Avant-garde example of highly ingenious and talented designers who have chucked out proper angles to create this eclectic beauty. A contemporary look can be awarded with wooden, metallic or even intricate glass designs that create a great source of inspiration and a captivating display of creativity.

Round & spiral

A round or spiral stairway has always been a wonderful sight to watch. No doubt they have been popular for a long time, but their meaning has completely changed during recent years. Spiral staircase is now made with much intensified designs and sparkling colours. While metallic spiral staircase is a vintage treasure, now days even wood and glass are effectively used to cast a magical spell of curvaceous display. The latest technologies have made it possible to cut and shape wood and glass trimmings in the shape of our choice. Unlike metal staircases, they are not prone to rust and therefore do not fade away with time. There are endless designs of steps and railing that can be assembled to make a multi tier set up. Designed by Padi costruzioni, home builders in Italy, The above picture demonstrates that even a mix and match of colours and patterns can be observed to design a sophisticated display.

Lavishly imperial

Another type of staircase is the grand staircase that reminds you of those lavish dinners and luxurious settings on cruise liners and five star hotels. If you are lucky with space and are living in a mansion or manor house that is stretched over 2-3 floors, then this is your best bet. Designed in rock solid wood, these stairs are lined with a comfortable carpet that blends in well with the interiors and creates a fabulous harmonious effect. To further impart luxury, you can go for a majestic and magnificent chandelier in the middle of the hallway. For an enhanced imperial touch, you can even go for a centrally placed wide fleet of stairs that bifurcate into two separate fleets while going up. This will be an absolute winner and will create a super impressive feature in your house. We hope this idea book motivated you to think beyond the functional aspect of stairs. For more such ideas, scroll through homify.

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The sleek and slender staircase design looks like the most common and easy to implement design. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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