5 Interesting ideas for nooks

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A nook is a recess or a corner of a room. It is that little place in a home, which is often forgotten and left unused. However as homes are shrinking in the cities and towns of India one no longer has the luxury to waste space. Every nook and corner counts and should be utilized into something useful at home. So here are some ideas to make good use of those tiny nook and corners at home.

Book nook

This little nook in an alcove next to the stairway has been made into something much better than a boring cupboard that one would find in an average home. A window is placed high on the wall at the back with shelves lined with books on either side. The base of the recess has been turned into a sitting area a rug and some cushions and one has the perfect little nook to enjoy a book. Here's a cupboard nook for those who want to play it safe.

Movie nook

This little nook covered in plush plum velvet has comfortable bedding at the bottom and plenty of cushions to lounge back on. A TV set on one side makes it the perfect place to lie down and enjoy a movie on date night. When not using this as a movie nook, this little corner designed by MEISSL ARCHITECTS ZT GMBH also doubles up as a comfortable sitting area next to the bar. If a nook like this happens to be opposite a window, it can be a good spot to watch the world go by.

Bed nook

Children's Bedroom homify Modern nursery/kids room

Children's Bedroom


Very often a house has an attic, which lies unused and is mostly turned into a dump for all things unwanted. It can however be so much more. The white bunk bed here utilizes a tiny attic nook and has turned into something useful and beautiful. The white bunk bed has two levels with storage drawers at the bottom and even the wall next to bunk bed has shelves carved in it that show that plenty of space can be created even in the tiniest of nooks.

Dining nook

A little corner next to the kitchen has been turned into a dining nook that reminds one of roadside diners. Upholstery lines the jutting cornice on two walls of this nook providing a comfy sitting for many in a limited space. A basic rectangular table and a couple of wooden chairs complete the dining set. While a lamp placed on one end of the wooden cornice, a modern metal chandelier and a sliding blue glass door add some interesting touches to this dining nook.

Living room in a nook

Those really struggling with space in a house that looks like a cubicle can opt for this idea of turning the tiniest corner of their home into a living room. A single grey two-seater sofa is the only furniture to lounge in this tiny space. A square wooden chest doubles up as a coffee table, while half a wall has a blackboard on it and the other has shelves carved into it for books. A modern metal lamp attached to the wall above the sofa provides all the lighting one needs in this tiny living room nook.

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