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​6 ideas for a comfortable bed

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What is the one thing you wish while heading home after a tiring and taxing day at work? The unanimous answer to this question is a cosy sleep in an inviting bed. A comfortable bed is highly desired by all. It is that part of the furniture, which is generally not characterized by the looks, but by the comfort it offers. An ideal bed can even be a small array of comfortable mattresses provided it makes you sleep like a baby. But what if the looks could be coupled with the comfort too? Seems interesting, hmm! Yes, this ideabook is all about the types of beds that are highly comfortable yet visually stylish. It offers you a detailed catalogue of different types of beds that can be employed in your bedroom according to your choice and budget. The layout of the room and the placement of the bed are also essential while deciding the perfect bed.

Imperial touch

A royal and luxurious living is everybody’s dream. What if you are not born in that era of kings and queens, you can still recreate the same charm and magic in your bedrooms. An imperial bed when paired with similar side tables and dresser exudes a highly sophisticated and elegant look. It looks stunning when encapsulated in smooth satin bed covers and coverlets. Royal beds can either be a wooden display of fine craftsmanship, which is evident in its intricate carvings or can even be a splendid display of shimmering silver and gold. As is the case with the picture above, pairing contrasting colours with gold or silver framed beds can enlighten an aura of utmost opulence and luxury. For finishing effects, opt for an ornate chandelier that makes this entire vista bath in its glory. 

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Romantic round bed

Luxury furniture VICIANI Living roomSofas & armchairs

Luxury furniture


An intimate round bed in your lovely abode can instigate the feeling of romance manifolds. For a couple very much in love, the shape of the bed holds least priority. What matters the most is the unmatched comfort and striking elegance offered by the bed and bed furnishings. A round bed fits both the criteria. It fills the air with modernity and Zen. For a round bed, placement is the key. You would not like to undermine its beauty by fitting it in the corners of the room. This magnificent feature needs to be highlighted and that is why a round bed should always hold the spotlight of the bedroom.  A centre alignment that is flanked by minimum furniture helps it to stay at the top of the game. For further enhancement, go for shimmery satin beddings and lovely colours like rose, lavender and pink.

Classic style

Ashford Castle - Ireland - Porte Italia Interiors PORTE ITALIA INTERIORS BedroomBeds & headboards

Ashford Castle—Ireland—Porte Italia Interiors


A classic style bed is for those who like living in utmost class and sophistication. It offers all the modern comforts but in a very conventional and classic style. Paired with soft cushions and mattress, a classic bed comes with a historical look and designs that take you back in time. They are either provided with artful wooden headboards or classic paintings on the accent wall.  A classic bed, like the one shown above, is the most popular because of its convenient shape and traditional wooden pattern. They create a perfect balance with the cosy interiors and collectively make an ideal pair. The best counterparts of a classic bed are wooden side tables, wooden seating and a charming chandelier. The ethnic and antique vibes induced by this quaint ensemble are totally surreal.

Tropical influence

Drapes create a flowing and floating effect in the room. They give wings to your aspirations and thus are perfect for a daydreamer. Drapes can be elegantly included in your bedroom in the form of a canopy bed. Yes, it’s true! Now you can enjoy the cosy beds of Hawaii and Bali in your bedroom itself. A canopy bed covered with drapes creates a perfect tropical feel with its loose ends that are tightly cuddled around the carved pillars. The smart inclusion of wide glass windows and sliding doors can further accentuate the beach effect. Try opting for mild hues of drapes like white, ivory or lavender for an added soothing effect. For the bed material, you can either go for simple wooden canopies or carved canopies with elegantly designed pillars and rims.

Wrought iron beds

Wrought iron has been a highly popular material that has been in vogue since decades. However, the design and utility have changed tremendously. In earlier days, wrought iron bed was usually employed for the designing of military beds or hostel cots. But now, with the advent of technology and modern sensibilities, a wrought iron bed is considered an important asset and an impressive feature in a bedroom. There are ample colours to choose from, which can be predominately decided based on your interiors and bedroom décor. You can also choose from intricately designed beds that come with fresh, flowery patterns and curved designs that add a meaning to their design and a depth to the room. If you are planning a shed bed like the one shown above, try pairing it with colourful and vivid cushions for an added brightness. Draping the beds along the corners is also an innovative idea to add elegance to simplicity. A wrought iron bed looks beautiful in your daughter’s room as it induces a smooth sense of feminism.


Nest - Private residence at Koregaon Park TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd. Modern style bedroom
TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

Nest—Private residence at Koregaon Park

TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

Creativity has no limits, and creativity paired with modernity gives rise to endless possibilities. Modern beds are all about innovative designs, eclectic choice of colours, varied sensibilities and ultimate comfort. They are awe-inspiring, enthralling and ornate all at the same time. Modern beds make use of traditional material like wood, metal, etc. in a fresh and contemporary way that gives birth to a new style of furniture. Irregular shapes, intricate curves, asymmetrical heights and complex patterns make them stand apart from the others. The bed above shows one such design that is beautifully crafted in a ‘C’ pattern. Modern designs like this one designed by Tao Architecture Pvt, Ltd., architects in Pune, stretch from the floor to the ceiling like a single unit. For added effect, try incorporating unique side tables and concealed lighting to create an absolute magic in your bedroom.

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