Ideas to design your home with a white theme

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The colour white symbolises purity and peace, making any space look pristine and elegant. Decorating your home with a white theme may seem difficult but with the right design, your home can look absolutely gorgeous. White themed decors give homes a sense of tranquility, almost reminiscent to tropical and Mediterranean styles. 

To incorporate a white theme in your home, there are a few elements you can focus on to make it stand out more. By making these elements follow the white theme, your home decor can change instantly. Here are some ideas to help you design your home with a white theme.

White lighting

If you don't want to change the decor of your home but want to incorporate a white theme, change the lighting to a white tone. With bright white lighting, your home looks more tropical and will remind you of the beach. You can choose wall lights or lamps.

White walls

When you paint your walls white, the room instantly follows the white theme and doesn't require its incorporating in other elements. White walls make the room look more spacious and brighter, giving the home a chic and elegant look. 

White furniture

A white theme is found in minimal, Scandinavian, and modern styles. If you want to mix and match two styles, you can add white furniture to blend with another colourful style. The white furniture will blend perfectly with the other vibrant elements in your home.

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White linen

Nothing makes a statement like white linen in your home. When you design your home with white linen, the room tends to stay cleaner and more brighter. You can use white bed linen or white home linen in other parts of your home.

White decor accessories

Changing your entire decor to white may be a little tedious. Instead, choose to add white decor accessories like white lamps, white decor accessories, or white knick-knacks around the house for an elegant and luxurious feel. 

White tiling

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Changing your floors to white tiling makes the room look more wider and adds a certain brightness to it. White tiles with white lighting changes the dynamic of the room and makes the home look more elegant.

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