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The living room is the pinnacle of your home—giving your guests a glance in your personality and your personal style. Designing your living room is critical because it the first space that gives an impression of your home. There are many ways to design and decorate your living room with different styles and options. However, recent trends are dominated with the minimalist style. 

A minimalist living room looks larger and wider with its de-cluttered look. With subtle tones, minimal furnishing, elegant decor, a minimalist style is the perfect way to design your living room. Here are some ideas to inspire you and help you decorate your living room. 

Natural light

When you expose your living room to natural light, the space looks brighter and is instilled with a sense of tranquility. Natural light makes the living room look more spacious and gives it a homely and welcoming feel. 

Minimal furniture

Decorating your living room with minimal furniture is the best way to make the room look more spacious and brighter. By adding just a few pieces of furniture, you design the room with more moving space and its easier to throw dinner parties. Cluttering the living room reduces the peace and calm energy of the house.

Clean decor

Keeping the walls and ceilings clean and clear make the living room more welcoming and devoid of bad energy. The phrase 'the lesser the better' is perfect and applies to every room of the house. When you de-clutter your living room, it starts looking cleaner and more beautiful.

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Pastel shades

Pastel shades are a given for minimalist decor and designing your room in these subtle shades makes the home look more elegant and chic. With pastel shaded furniture, floors, and ceiling, the living room follows an elegant style and looks more voguish. 

Ultra-high windows

Long gone are the days of using French windows in your home. The newest and stylish trend is incorporating ultra-high windows in your living room. These windows allow the flow of natural light into your living room and make for a great view in the nights.

Mood lighting

No home is perfect without the use of mood lighting. The futuristic version of normal lighting, mood lighting can be switched and swapped to suit the needs of your living room for various occasions. If you want to throw a party, you can switch to jazzy lights and if you're in a relaxed mood, you can switch for dimmer lighting.

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