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‘Ceiling white’—probably the most conventional, prevalent, and well known hue that anyone who has ever decorated a home will recognise. In most cases, a white ceiling will be the commonplace choice for new homes and home renovations. But what if you want something different? What other options exist, and how do you incorporate them into your home? Generally there are certain rules to follow: firstly, if you choose a light ceiling, your room will feel airy and your wall higher. Conversely, a dark ceiling will enclose the space, and make it feel smaller—this is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on the ambience you are attempting to create. In addition to this you can consider the texture of your ceiling. A textured concrete ceiling for instance can give a lustrous gleam, and in turn reflect the sun and look excellent in bright daylight. If you are choosing a bright colour, you will want to thoroughly research the hue and ensure you combine it with furniture and decorative items that complement it, rather than crowding its character. Bright or vivid colour on the ceiling can be a risky and daring interior design statement, so ensure you are totally satisfied with the shade before painting, as you may tire of it faster than you realise! 

If you would like to see some more colourful ceilings, then check out the examples below and get inspired to give your home a renewed sense of style and life.

Radical red

Wow! This interior is as striking as it is stylish—from the combination of mid-century furniture, to the heritage architecture, this space is nothing less than exciting and exhilarating. Now, often we steer away from painting our ceilings anything but the mandated ‘ceiling white’ but in this case the ceiling is a timber beam structure, which would suggest that it would be dark brown in its natural state. Due to this, it is possible to branch out a little with the design, and in this case, it has been painted with a bright and rich red. This colour perfectly (and surprisingly) coordinates with the décor and design of the room, infusing an abundance of pizzazz and a modern aesthetic.

Exposed concrete

Concrete is super contemporary, stylish and easily incorporated into interior design—this ceiling is no exception, from the raw roughness of the space, the room is injected with a sense of cleanliness and purity. Looking out over the ocean, this interior emphasises its view and minimises interior adornment to keep things simple and elegantly basic.

Grey textured finish

If you want to create a dark or moody space, then consider replacing your normal white ceiling with a grey textured ceiling instead. This bathroom pairs a darker interior aesthetic with clean linear forms, and simple ornamentation—the result is a wash space that exudes glamour, as well as sturdiness and rigidity. If employing a grey ceiling, remember to make the walls darker to increase contrast and emphasise a shadowy ambience.

Light beech timber

The opposite of dark and moody has to be light and bright, and this interior is just that—smartly coordinated ceiling and walls, this light beechwood exudes a Scandinavian simplicity, and an effortless style. Choose a raw or satin finished timber, along with modular furniture, and statement lighting, to ensure your new room is tasteful, memorable, and arouses a clean, crisp appeal.

Mix it up?

Beechwood can become bland if it spans across a wide space without any stylistic interruptions—the continuation of this space shows how that is accomplished, and how the use of stainless steel differentiates the kitchen space and introduces interest into the ceiling décor.

Experimental painting

This contemporary warehouse-style dwelling utilises the existing concrete ceiling in its raw and unadorned beauty to enhance the surrounding décor and interior design. Often when an exposed structural ceiling is used within a domestic space it is left un-treated for its industrial and rough aesthetic, but here certain sections have been painted yellow to evoke an artistic vibe. Moreover, these painted yellow sections reflect the giant street-art style mural painted on the adjacent wall, and allows the space a feeling of urban modernity, and raw bravura.

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