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Kitchen cabinet makeover

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Don't think of kitchen cabinets as a sombre necessity for storage in your kitchen. Discover the amazing diversity of cabinets available that can help create a distinct style and functionality in your kitchen. Whether you prefer a simple, yet seductive minimalist look, or maybe something more extravagant, there's always something right for a new look in your kitchen. 

So if you're looking for a change in your kitchen, let homify help explore the options open to you. 

Cottage life

Design experts from Luxmoore & co have captured the comfort of a cottage-like feel in this renovation of a young professional couples home. A combination of painted cupboards, oiled oak work surfaces and characterful oak panelling brought together the illusion of space and warmth in this small space. Thoughtful choices of vintage inspired accessories add a special touch to the this charming room. 

Wooden feature

From this perspective, we can see a shared kitchen and living room area that incorporate wood as a prominent design feature. Wood is an ideal material to use in the home due to its wide variety, and its flexibility to be tailored to unique specifications. Here we see a selection of wood that has a sleek modern look. Admire how the glossy stain of the wood enhances the bright and airy atmosphere in the kitchen and living areas.

From floor to ceiling

It appears that every aspect in this room has been tailored to optimise and enhance every inch of space. Modern storage spaces are easily tailored to give designers and renovators alike a greater freedom to be creative, and of coarse, provide more room to place essential kitchen items. Here custom built floor-to-ceiling cabinets reach the full extent of the room whilst a long and slim dining table provides ample room for people to mingle. 

Black in fashion

Continuing the theme of sleek-modern interior design, here is a minimalist inspired room from Vegni Design. The glossy black cabinets take the spotlight in this ultra modern kitchen. By using new-age materials such as tinted glass, chrome or plastic—modern cabinets can create a seamless look.  

Despite appliances being more feature packed, flashy, and intelligent than ever—it doesn't mean they need to take centre stage in the kitchen. Here they're completely hidden from view and have been fully incorporated in the design of the cabinets. 

Beach house look

Although design experts generally don't recommended the use of blue in the kitchen—it's possible to be used through subtle and thoughtful placement. Here we see the creative minds at Maple & Gray LTD defy the nay-sayers by using a colour scheme that incorporates tones of charcoal blue and light grey. The natural shades replicate the sky and sea which gives the kitchen a beach-house feel. 

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