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Affordable ways to make your home look luxurious

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The way I see it, getting to decorate a new home is both exciting and fulfilling! Choosing just the right design elements to compliment the space and showcase your personality or the theme of the home can come with a heavy price tag, and hiring professional help to execute your vision for the space will cost a pretty penny. The reality of the matter is not everyone can afford that luxury, so here are are some affordable ways to make your home look more luxurious while working within your budget:

Tip #1: Make a statement with original artwork

Art needn't be expensive. Creating your own photographs, paintings and sculptures adds another layer of your personality to the home, and you may just even discover a hidden talent if you try hard enough! If you don't have the time to create art, you can always source for pictures that speak to you over the internet. Look for a quote that speaks to you or an image of a travel destination that you want to go to or reminisce.

Tip #2: Use the KonMari method to declutter your home

Marie Kondo, the popular Japanese organizing consultant and author, turned decluttering from a chore to an art form. Curate the items you own and only keep the ones that spark joy. Rather than focusing solely on throwing things away, which Ms. Kondo acknowledges only brings unhappiness, be sure to cherish what you love. One does this by taking each item in your hand and asking yourself “does this spark joy?” If the answer is yes, then it stays. If your gut tells you it doesn't, then throw it out. You have to touch every item so that your body can react to it, making it more of an emotional process than an intellectual one. Clean, organized homes does lend a feeling of luxury as opposed to homes that look like they came straight out of an episode of 'Hoarders'.

Tip #3: Add a little drama to the bedroom

With the bed being the focal point of any bedroom, elevate the look of spartan sheets by investing in a fluffy duvet which is one size bigger than your actual bed size, if possible (for example, use a queen-size duvet for a double bed), create a sense of luxury with a big, tufted headboard, or create a canopy bed with curtains and a few support beams, like this one from Eggers Einrichten. Use sheer fabric in order to give it a light and airy feel, instantly making the room feel breezy and spacious.

Tip #4: Layer a room with different textures

People often overlook the importance of texture in their home design, and playing with a variety in one room can make a home feel oh-so-luxurious! Combine a faux fur rug in a room with a sleek and cool marble top table. Or maybe arrange a banig rug underneath a leather rug for a more masculine feel.

Tip #5: Don't be afraid of patterns

Patterns can sometimes make a room feel dated or busy, that's true. But when done right, you can use patterns to add dimension to a space like using matching hues from your pattern to your pieces in the room to be more put-together. If you're not a fan of stripes, maybe a chevron or geometric pattern juxtaposed with tropical accents would elevate the look of a room, making it look put together and luxurious.

Tip #6: Schedule your fresh flowers

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Concrete flower vase

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Nothing says understated luxury more than a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, and when you're living in a tropical country where it feels like a perpetual summer, they are also quite easy to grow. Keep a few pots of marigolds in the garden or by the porch or schedule a trip to Tagaytay or Dangwa for a fresh bouquet every week or so. If you don't have the time to go to the fresh flower markets, SM Supermarkets also have affordable flowers for sale, to help bring life and color to any room. 

Tip #7: Statement piece lighting

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Our Ozero crystal chandelier in Anna Casa showroom


Lighting is important in a room and can either make a room look put together or disorganized. Take the time to think about the lighting requirements for your room and what would compliment the rest of the furniture. From chandeliers, to pendent lights, to recessed fixtures, each one adds a different type of visual appeal to a room and has the potential to make a space look more dynamic and opulent.

Tip # 8: Upgrade the lowly bathroom

Turn your simple bathroom into a luxurious spa! Create a space to hang up your bathrobe, add an oil burner with a fresh scent, and light a few candles before sinking into the tub for some much needed me time. There are lots of ways to make the bathroom a zen paradise and it has a huge impact in your home.  Bring in rich natural elements such as wood and stone to transform a bathroom into a spa.

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