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Looking for ideas for your next kitchen make over? It's difficult not to be inspired by all the innovative and simply beautiful design options available to renovators. So what's the key to a successful kitchen renovation? Perhaps the most important consideration is the design and functionality of the kitchen benchtop. Not only does the benchtop need to be durable for daily use, but it also affects the overall design of the kitchen. 

For a glimpse of some of the stunning benchtops ideas, make sure to keep reading. 

Flexible dynamic

It's not everyday that you can describe a kitchen as having a strong personality, but this is an exception. Containing a large benchtop, attached seating, and of coarse the adjustable dining table -this custom built sculptural piece stands centre stage. As a whole, the kitchen is of a minimalist design and utilises the dominant white shades for most surfaces. Stained wooden features pronounce themselves from the white backdrop and act as a necessary contrast.  

Steeling the limelight

Lighting choice is imperative to set the mood in any room, but it seems less is more in this kitchen. From this perspective we see how the limited lighting brings out the defining features of the stainless steal benchtop. 

Stainless steal is a logical choice in the kitchen. Not only is stainless steal fully waterproof and easy to clean but its also very attractive. We especially love the pairing of the metal with the lightly stained wooden sides of the benchtop unit. 

Whiten up the space

Admire how light and spacious this room is. A dominant white shade is used for all the surfaces of the cabinets and the benchtop which gives the room a consistent and seamless look. The design team HP Interior SRL have selected a long and slim island benchtop that invites guests and family to mingle around. 

Wooden this be nice?

Perhaps a more natural element is what you're looking for. Incorporating a wooden benchtop in the kitchen is the perfect opportunity to achieve this. Nelson Architecture intérieure & design have chosen a lightly shaded wood that is distinct from the dark shade of the cabinets. 

Don't be worried about being unable to find a timber to match your décor or colour scheme. There are numerous timber types and finishes available to renovators that can suit any room. 

Concrete marvel

One of the most exciting renovating trends has been the growing use of concrete in the home. Opinions are changing as many are incorporating concrete in their kitchen. Its easy to see why—concrete is very easy to clean, durable and can be shaped to your particular design. There's also a number of aesthetic options available including: leaving the concrete raw, applying a sleek polish, or even treating the concrete with natural sealants for a distinct look.

Here we see a concrete benchtop fit in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen décor. The combined use of the contrasting textures of the wooden panels and the patterned tiling is a defining style of this room. 

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