8 beautiful beach front patios

Rita Deo Rita Deo
Modern Australian Beach Style Home Bella life Style Tropical style balcony, veranda & terrace
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Patios and verandas have always been an integral part of people lives in India during summer months for relaxation and rejuvenation. While the rich can afford to have summer cottages on private beaches in scenic locations the middle class go to sea side hotels and resorts to enjoy summer. Every summer thousands of families around the world travel to beaches and islands to spend time swimming or sunning themselves. Most of these establishments have patios with sun umbrellas for their guests to relax in the evenings.

Here are a few exclusive patio designs that our designers have created for people with seafront properties consisting of villas and seaside cottages that would make viewers envious.

Beach home in Australia

Western Australia Bella life Style Tropical style balcony, veranda & terrace
Bella life Style

Western Australia

Bella life Style

As soon as guests step into this scenic open air porch their first reaction is a deep sigh of pure pleasure. Comfortable wooden loungers with soft cushions provide total relaxation after a tiring day at work as all one has to do is lie back with closed eyes and enjoy the soothing sea breeze. Though it is an open air patio it has a white fabric roof that can be pulled back during rains. Built on two levels the porch has a waist high glass barrier for safety of children and pets. 

Mediterranean patio

This open Mediterranean patio with thatched roof on a tropical sea front is the perfect relaxation point for summer evenings. Adults can relax on the comfortable sofas on the patio sipping iced drinks and watch the play of colors on the sea water as the sun goes down while children can play around. These sofas can be removed in the morning when the family steps out to do light exercises and breathe in the fresh air to rejuvenate mind and body.

Water on the horizon

This amazing long wooden deck appears as if the loungers on beach chairs can directly jump into the sea water!  but it is part of a cleverly designed swimming pool on the property's edge. This picture is only an optical illusion from this angle which makes the viewers feel that the swimming pool is dipping into the sea and swimmers on the edge would actually fall into the sea.  But in reality the sea is several meters away from the property and one has to walk through mounds of vegetation and sand that are visible visible between swimming pool's edge and the sea.

Breathtaking bliss

This breathtaking view of open sea, floating clouds and craggy rocks in the distance is the biggest plus of this patio created by talented architect group Renato Teles Arquitetura which has built a strong portfolio of scenic balconies created across the coast. To retain the rustic air of this beautiful seaside resort the roof of the patio has been entirely designed out of wood and clay tiles while the furniture is made of pine and wicker. The limestone floor is ideal for withstanding harsh seaside air and wooden porch barrier is in perfect harmony with the patio environment

Ultimate tropical holiday

The charming atmosphere created by this picturesque patio cum relaxation zone at a popular tropical resort is perfect for a summer holiday. When the sun is blazing down all one needs is a cooling dip in the water or a long afternoon nap in the shade. The patio’s high conical roof is made entirely out of straw thatch and wood that stands on strong wooden pillars like local homes in the area. Long sofas and wicker chairs adorn the large patio that is just a few steps away from a tempting pool that has beach umbrellas and lounge chairs on its sides. Picture postcard view from this patio over the horizon has to be seen with the naked eye to appreciate its majesty.

Majesty of blue

Gwel-An-Treth, Sennen Cove, Cornwall Laurence Associates Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Laurence Associates

Gwel-An-Treth, Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Laurence Associates

Standing on this open veranda close to the marble balustrade one can truly understand why blue is sometimes referred to as royal blue. The sheer magnificence of blue sky meeting the serene blue ocean on the horizon makes the viewer speechless. One can spend hours just watching the cool lap of waves on the beach or just sit with a newspaper and coffee on the wide wooden bench. When it gets too cold one can always watch the soothing ocean from the enclosed patio while lazing around in comfortable sofas and sipping hot chocolate.

Breezy lazy

The beautiful vista of sea and mountains is a common expectation of most summer holiday seekers but few can enjoy it in ultimate luxury like the one provided by this seaside villa. White lounge chairs beside the swimming pool on the lawn are perfect for a summer getaway.

Relax and enjoy

Not many people would be able to withstand the temptation of sinking down into the comfort of these long and comfortable cushions and laying back against the soft square cushions in sheer bliss. The wooden patio stands like a rustic native shelter with slated roof and antique fan that create an atmosphere of relaxed laziness. Visitors to this beautiful villa spend hours lying around on this low cement settee and spend their mornings gazing upon the blue sea until the afternoon heat forces them indoors.

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