6 Essential Items for a peaceful garden retreat

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In the modern fast paced world it is often necessary to take a moment out to stop and reflect. When you want to find true peace and quiet there is only one place to find it; in the garden. Gardeners have been aware of the peace and harmony of the gardens for centuries. In many cultures the garden is central to their beliefs. The traditional Japanese garden comes in many forms, but is essentially a minimalist garden while the Islamic garden is often enclosed within high walls to direct the gaze inwards. Whatever style garden is chosen, it must be suited to the resident to ensure a private, quiet and secure environment. There are features within a garden that can enhance the feeling of relaxation. This can be a comfortable place to sit, the warmth of a fire or the calming sound of the waters.  Here are 6 ideas to help create a quiet oasis of relaxation.

A Garden Retreat

One of the fantastic benefits to having a beautiful garden is the opportunity to entertain outdoors. What better way to spend an afternoon or evening that spending time with loved ones. The peace and privacy of a garden is the perfect setting. Unfortunately the garden also does not allow for complete control of the elements. The weather can too often change after an event has been organised. In these situations it is a great benefit to have an undercover entertaining area such as this one. This beautiful undercover space was made by Ecospace  spaña in Spain. It consists of stunning pale timbers that reflect the outdoor sunshine and the indoor lights to create a wonderful warm and inviting space. Try using plants in the undercover areas, or place lights outside to really connect this space to the garden outside.

Gardens are wonderful places to relax and unwind after a long week. Create a private, relaxing oasis in the garden of any house. The garden design does not have to be as formal as the traditional Japanese or Islamic gardens. A garden can be as creative or as simple as is required. These are just a few ideas on what can be included in a peaceful garden retreat. Don’t be afraid to create surprises in a garden. For more garden inspiration see 6 Ultimate Backyard Retreats.

Twinkling Garden Lights

Time in the garden should not be restricted to the daylight hours. The evenings are a wonderful time to get out and appreciate the warm glow of dusk. They are also a great time to entertain with friends and family. Include some lighting into the garden design to allow the festivities to continue past dark. Be creative with the lighting. Create areas of surprise and interest. However, when designing a peaceful, private oasis for relaxation, consider the private spaces.  This is a great example of a soft, elegant lights for a private, peaceful space. The deep indigo blue of the night skies compliment the warm golden glow of these lights. They create a wonderful calming effect as it reflects off the natural stone of the building. Try using lights on trees, sculptures and around water features to bring a garden alive at night, and bring a hint of magic.

A Peaceful Space to Relax

Research has indicated the positive impact nature has on the human condition. Sitting amongst plants or even walking through a park has been linked to health benefits such as reduced stress and improved concentration. Creating a peaceful retreat in the garden to relax within is something will have long term benefits to health. The first challenge is to choose an area. Choose somewhere that is private, not overlooked by the neighbours and away from the children’s play areas. Try to include an area with plenty of plants. This garden is a great example. It provides a private, secluded retreat to relax and contemplate. If this is not available consider installing a trellis for climbing plants, or introduce some new potted trees to create a private area.

Calming Water Features

Water is a symbol of serenity and peace. It represents life, rebirth and pure happiness. According to Feng Shui principles the inclusion of a water feature in a garden brings prosperity to the residents. Whether it is in the form of a fountain, a pond, a swimming pool or a spa, the inclusion of a water feature in the garden brings an element of serenity to the space. In this garden the water feature is a large pond. The pond is surrounded by trees, and many water plants grow along the sides of the pond. Imagine sitting by the still waters of this pond contemplating the hectic, busy world beyond garden. Consider including a water feature into a relaxing garden retreat to give it that added calming element.

A Warm Garden

Just as time in the garden should not be restricted to daylight hours, it should also not be restricted by the seasons. Summer is a lovely time to spend outdoor, but the cold winter days should not restrict you to the indoors. Winter can bring on cold days that make the outdoors seem hostile and cold, but the answer is here; the portable outdoor heater. This heater is a great way to enjoy the fresh air, and nature of the outdoors without suffering with the cold. Sit in the afternoon sunshine with a book and a blanket across your knees as you enjoy the heat of this amazing outdoor heater. These heaters are made by Meda Home in Turkey

A Comfortable Seat

One of the most important aspects of being relaxed and finding serenity is comfort. In order to be comfortable in the garden, it is important to find the most appropriate furniture. The furniture must be both functional and stylish. It must allow for the complete relaxation for whoever sits on it. This seat is a wonderful example. Just looking at  it appears makes the viewer feel immediately comfortable. Sink into the incredibly comfortable seat and watch your blood pressure decrease as all troubles and worries disappear. Include this amazing seat in any peaceful garden retreat to create a complete relaxation experience. These seats, called Unique Poofs are made by Unique.

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