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Tips to Create Budget Friendly Gym at Home

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Beginning of the year is always characterized with health conscious people signing heavily priced gym contracts to remain in shape and fit throughout the year. But honestly most of these contracts are not used properly and religiously the entire year. The reason behind this is that after concluding the busy schedules of daily life, maintaining the gym routine can be quite hectic and unnecessary stress for most individuals. And all this leads to nothing but wastage of money invested for gym membership.

To avoid all this unpleasant conditions one of the best options is to create budget friendly gym at home which may not be better but can perform at par with the local gym. A home gym is an excellent way to increase physical exercises as it can be used anytime and every time and what’s more all this can be enjoyed within the comfort of own home.

Starting a home gym in a restricted budget can be a fun yet adventurous activity. The basic things to be done is to plan well for the gymnasium, make a well rounded exercise program and then invest on the decoration of the space as well as on the exercise tools. There are few tips regarding building up a home gym which should be considered


Workout space and its decoration is one of the most important parameters in building up a gymnasium at home. As opted by many, garage or basement area can serve well for a workout space but one can use spare bedroom also for this activity. The basics of the space include a carpet area of around 110 square feet and a considerable height of the ceiling. For gymnasium the ideal flooring is wooden flooring since it protects from heavy weights like barbells or dumbbells. Though hardwood flooring is little expensive the maintenance cost and the life span of the product is much high. This kind of flooring has the best shock absorption quality which helps lessen injuries and provides a uniformity which is extremely needed in a workout location.

Skipping Rope

Skipping rope or jumping rope is excellent inexpensive yet apt exercise equipment for best cardio exercises. It is an ideal and a fast calorie burner. As per the latest study, 15 to 20 minutes exercise with a skipping rope can balance the calorie burnt in an eight minute mile walk. The exercise done with the same is quite good for knees, ankles, joints, having muscle strength and the most important weight loss. The equipment is available with every sports dealer and can be purchased with very less investment.


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One of the classical modes of physical training and exercises has been the dumbbells. With relatively less investment one can get a pair of dumbbells that can provide the desired results like muscle building, weight loss, bone heath and cardio health. Dumbells come in multiple weights but in a home gym , having a weight till 15 pounds is sufficient. One should always start with lower weights and as body permits can shift to higher ones. Buying all the weights together can be expensive so the right approach would be to buy one lower set first and when that level becomes easy trade the product with any second hand equipment stores for a higher level. Technogym provides the best gymming equipments.


One of the best equipment for exercising that comes in cheap cost is indoor cycle. There are two types of indoor exercise cycle, one is the recumbent cycle and the other one is the upright exercise cycle. For the older adults one of the best options is the recumbent ones where the person exercising can sit in a reclined position and then keeping the legs in front can pedal smoothly without straining the back muscles. The pedals in these kinds of bike are also easier in compared to the regular one.

Similar to the traditional outdoor cycle is the upright exercise cycle which can be pedaled to various intensity levels. In this bike one needs to sit straight and cycle as normal cycling demands. This form of exercise equipment is a low budgeted but aims at providing multiple benefits like weight loss, muscle toning, provides strength and increases stamina, strengthen bones and joints, and reduce stress, increases cardiovascular fitness and many others.

Exercise Balls

Another low budget equipment ideal for gym at home is the exercise balls. The cost of the equipment is much less but the advantages are quite high. With a perfect exercise ball one can do exercises like push ups, hamstring curls, planks, sit ups and many others. It aims at toning the core muscles and increase stamina the most. It is important to choose the ideal exercise balls where one can sit properly keeping the legs at an angle of 90 degree or more. Chest press is best done with a exercise ball of the right size.


A sturdy bench is low budget equipment which can be kept in a home gym for conducting various bench press exercises. For the beginners it is ideal to have a flat bench but once the gym gets upgraded one can opt for an inclined bench. The bench press exercises help every individual in multiple ways like building power and push up strength, increases bone density and helps build up muscle mass. It basically aims at toning the upper body muscles like the chest muscles. The best part of bench press exercise is that when there is little time to follow a complete fitness routine, a little workout on the bench can work like magic.

In conclusion, it must be noted that creating a home gym is never expensive or too much hassle but one must make it a permanent routine to utilize the same at the best to fetch the desired result from the establishment.  A basic renovation and a minimum maintenance of dusting and moping are required to keep the same in good condition. So gear up for a perfect personalized gym that serves only you. If you don't have any budget issue then you can also create a modern home gym with all new exercizing machines.

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