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8 attractive window designs for city homes

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Rose House, Kingsdown Emmett Russell Architects Modern living room
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Natural light and sunshine filtering through doors and windows bring positive energy which is very essential for a home and its occupants. Windows have been given prominence since humans started living in handmade dwellings and are designed in different shapes and sizes to compliment natural style of the house be it colonial, modern, classic or Mediterranean. A well-designed home should have adequately sized windows to capture light and warmth throughout the day and avoid usage of artificial lighting. Designers and home owners today are more open to unconventional designs and placement of windows to add elements of aesthetic beauty and attraction to their house. 

Here are 8 dazzling and unusual window’s designs which can deliver additional spirit to the overall structure of your home’s design.

French windows

French windows have commonly been used in large houses to bring in light and sunshine in every weather condition. The French windows present in this picture make the room appear larger than life and provide an unhindered view of outside veranda. To give a sense of grandeur and brightness to the room these French windows extend just a few feet off the floor to almost the ceiling and spread light through the length and breadth of the room. French windows are commonly used in living rooms and dining areas as families spend most part of their time there but sometimes people living on cliffs, jungles and hillocks with dramatic views have these windows in their bedrooms.

Pools of light

Designer has used ingenuity here to bring light and sunshine into this attic bedroom which would otherwise be dark and dull. Long rectangular windows designed like skylights make the room appear bright and cheerful as they spill sunlight unto the wide bed and surrounding furniture. The clever window design shows that even an attic can have natural light by unconventional imagination as sometimes thinking out of the box can help solve biggest design problems.

Colorful stained glass window

This breathtaking casement window with geometric stained glass design is a witness to the fact that stained glass is not restrained to old religious building or palaces. Today there are plenty of designs available in stained glass that are used as partitions and windows in homes and commercial areas  to give privacy. The best part about stained glass windows like these is that they allow sunlight into the house without exposing its interiors to outsiders. Colorful patterns on the glass throw attractive patterns on the furniture and give an air of old age regalia to a home.

Elegant latticed privacy

Nottingham Lace window shutters with mirrors for modern interiors Mirror & Light Shutters Windows & doors Blinds & shutters Metal White
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Nottingham Lace window shutters with mirrors for modern interiors

Mirror & Light Shutters

This elegant window between two rooms has got the perfect layout to act as a thoughtful way of communication between both areas. Pink walls form a bright contrast against sedate white windows with decorative lace design carved into the wooden frame which enhances the white king bed and other furniture in the bedroom. This lattice work on upper section of the window is ideal for keeping out harsh sunlight during the day while the lower section made of clear glass brings in light till the sun sets over the horizon.

Bold Bay windows:

Heritage Bronze Casements with Transom Bars Architectural Bronze Ltd Windows & doors Doors Metal Black
Architectural Bronze Ltd

Heritage Bronze Casements with Transom Bars

Architectural Bronze Ltd

This pretty polygon shaped bay window extension in the kitchen appears as if a small pocket of light has been fixed into the brick masonry of the house. The rectangular windows were designed to create a little more space in the area without making major changes to the house and to bring in unrestricted light into the large traditional kitchen. Bay windows are usually created in living rooms, attics, dining areas and kitchens to have extra space and to bring in natural light.

Picture Perfect

Heritage Bronze Casements with Details Traditional Leaded Lights Architectural Bronze Ltd Windows & doors Doors Metal Black
Architectural Bronze Ltd

Heritage Bronze Casements with Details Traditional Leaded Lights

Architectural Bronze Ltd

This mullioned window with semicircular arch on the top and artistic grille has been adopted from designs that were common in palaces and historical homes. These picture perfect windows are ideally suited for study rooms and dining areas which require plenty of light and sunshine. Its glorious curvaceous design with square pitched casement panes gives privacy to study area and requires only half way curtains.

Pretty brown waffle windows

These pretty windows provide style and security to the house as they make a double layer against break-ins and thefts. The waffle window is classic design that earned this name due to its unique two layer structure that has exterior panes made of wood that look like English waffles. Interior square window section is split into two levels with square wooden frame on lower side and rectangular upper section that has an awning design to let in light after opening the wooden partition.

Window to the outside world

Coach House Conversion Corebuild Modern style bedroom

Coach House Conversion


The space between roof arch and the floor has been artistically used to install a ceiling to floor length window frame that provides a panoramic view of the outside world. The layout shows a square casement window fixed into a polygon shaped frame which lends drama to the entire structure. While the center of this imaginative window can be opened outwards, the sides are fixed permanently into the frame.

Interested in exploring more window designs for your new house then browse through this idea book.

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