Benefits of having a living wall in your home

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Often, the most overlooked benefit and design feature that you can incorporate into your home's design is a living or green wall. Living walls are not only aesthetically pleasing and help to enhance any home's interior or exterior visual, but they also improve air quality, increase energy levels and are proven to decrease unnecessary stress.

Sometimes called vertical gardens, living walls have been increasing in popularity as they are a fresh alternative for wall coverings instead of the applying the usual paint and decoration ideas, and of course, they also look and feel sensational! Scientifically, it has also been proven that having a living wall in your home or office boosts morale and alertness. Think about it, it's basically a breathing wall!

One other benefit of living walls is that they help to regenerative, restore and reclaim previously disregarded space, by providing aesthetic stimulation where it would normally not be found. Physically, they also serve to create privacy and a sense of enclosure while limiting the negative psychological effects associated with having a physical boundary. If all this sounds good to you, have a look, below, at some great examples and learn why having a living wall in your home is nothing but beneficial!

Improves air quality

Artificial Living Green wall, Vertical Garden Evergreen Trees & Shrubs Interior garden Interior landscaping
Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

Artificial Living Green wall, Vertical Garden

Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

Living walls are, well… alive! Naturally this means that they are natural air-filters and help to recycle air. This improves the air quality in your home, creating a cleaning, more invigorating and calming environment, thus, also leading to better overall health and production output. Office workers, which are normally exposed to harsh air toxins benefit greatly from a living wall as they are exposed daily to stale air and toxins that are floating around from other employees and the office fit-outs. Living walls help to filter these harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene, by metabolising them and releasing clean air in return. 

Having a living wall incorporated into your open plan kitchen and living area like this example, is extremely beneficial as it is a space that is more frequently used in the home than any other; as the kitchen has a lot of energy emitting from electrical appliances and smells from food stuffs. A perfect solution for purifying the air.

Makes a small space feel larger

Private Courtyard, London, Living Wall Biotecture Garden Plants & flowers

Private Courtyard, London, Living Wall


However, if you are stuck on what to do with that oddly shaped space in your room or house, living walls are also the solution. In this external living area, the living wall—by Biotecture—completely changes the look and feel of a space that would normally have seemed to small to utilise. With the addition of a corner sofa and cladded wooden timber slates, the entire space becomes alive and an exciting area to use.

The greenery of the wall focuses your attention upwards, so you almost forget that you are in a space that is actually quite small. Together with the three-dimensional protrusions of the leaves and foliage, the green wall actually gives off the impression that the wall is not flat, but has depth.

Acts as a dramatic backdrop

Lightwell, Clapham Biotecture Interior garden Interior landscaping

Lightwell, Clapham


There is nothing more frustrating than an unused space or feature wall in your home that seems bare and unloved. The feature wall in this house is the perfect example of a wall brought to life, bursting alive, full of colour and light! Simply the look of this living wall creates the illusion that this home has been built amongst a jungle or forest.  Not only is this a fantastic way for you to be creative, but you will enjoy the space more knowing that through you own personal output you were able to produce a dramatic and visual focal point for the house.

Reduces stress and enhances well being

On to the bedroom, and what better place to have a living wall. Being a place of solitude and relaxation, a bedroom needs to be free from any stress and as calm as possible so that you can drift the night away into a soft and peaceful slumber. 

This bedroom is the perfect example of how a living wall can work in the sleeping quarters. A number of studies have found that being near greenery, nature and plants dramatically reduces stress levels and contributes to an overall well-being. Next time you are feeling restless, definitely try incorporating a living wall into your bedroom and you will instantly notice the positive effects.

You have the opportunity to create 'living' works of art

Now that we have nearly come to the end of the benefits of having a living wall into your home, we must surely not forget the very opportunity and essence of life that creative and designing a living wall brings to any space. There are a plethora of varieties of different plants and trees that you can use when you finally decide to try and create your very own green wall. This is an opportunity to bring out your creative side and create actual 'living' works of art. Give it a go! I'm sure you'll be surprised with the amazing result.

Dampens noise pollution

RIBA Roof Terrace, Portland Place Biotecture Balcony, veranda & terrace Plants & flowers

RIBA Roof Terrace, Portland Place


Last on the list, but most definitely not least is this great example of how living walls help to dampen noise pollution. Using plants to absorb sound waves and lesson noise pollution is not a new idea and it is already used in many countries in places such as highways, airports and areas with a high volume of traffic. 

The way it works is that the plants prevent low-frequency noise from escaping and passing through structures, for example interior and exterior walls. This idea can be used and taken into the home and used in architectural design or to the exterior spaces like this outdoor courtyard. Especially when your walls are almost touching the neighbours, living walls help keep your area private while also preventing noise from escaping.

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