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Best use of teal blue and grey

Insight Vision GmbH Modern living room Turquoise
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Teal is the new black. This mesmerizing color has been one of the favorites in home designs lately. A unique blend of green and blue, this colour imparts a brighter stance to your house, which is pleasing and soothing at the same time. This particular residence designed by Insight vision architects in Germany utilises the same theme to create an absolute wonder in a Russian apartment. It is infact a great example to show how to make best use of teal blue in combination with grey and other nude shades. So, without further ado, let’s take you on a tour of 'Zatishie', the tree room apartment in Moscow, Russia.


A sleek corridor then takes you to the bedroom, which is a pretentious display of warm colours and artful designs. The whole room is coloured using neutral shades and textures. However, the subtleness just acts as the background for the prominent teal that is highlighted using bright curtains and bed coverlet. The false ceiling gives the appearance of a star-studded sky, which is ideal for romantic or newly wed couples. The TV unit that is mounted on the opposite wall and is adorned by the tree patterns in the backdrop adds further elegance to the room.

Living room

A splendid combination of white, grey and teal welcomes you inside the living room. It is no less than a fairy tale house that exudes unmatched warmth and grandeur. A grey sofa set with a matte finish sprawls across the majority of the space. It is contrasted by beautiful dashes of teal through the cosy cushions. White and grey colours create a commendable false ceiling pattern, which is further enhanced by the effective placement of LED lamps. A charcoal wallpaper and colourful wall painting provide a bright change from the subtle white interiors.

Living room wall unit

In continuation with the above room, there is a second angle that highlights the shimmery black wall unit made from toughened glass and sleek silver lining. The TV is proudly mounted on the eye level opposite to the sofa set. The fine displays of huge teal flowers on white-framed background makes this room an absolute visual delight.

Other side of bedroom

The other angle of the bedroom throws light on the sleek headboard design and the mirrored corners. This room is designed on minimal and simple formats and does not incorporate any extra furniture.  A cosy chaise lounge in teal adds that extra dash of colour that brings freshness and agility in the room. The patterned white rug and mirrors acts as great illusionists for creating an appearance of space in this love inducing paradise. The natural glow from the French glass windows enlightens the splendid beauty and distinguished charm of this room. 

If you are looking for a creative and colourful bedroom, here's an ideabook that will help greatly : Creative bedroom interiors full of bright accents


The corridor is a sleek passageway that combines the entrance with all the rooms. It is perfectly lit with ceiling LED lamps that give the impression of sparkling stars. A cosy space is created for hanging outerwear. The designers have creatively utilized this space by providing a sleek storage cabinet and a wooden seating line up. A huge mirror on the opposite wall preps you to face the outside world with utmost confidence.

This house exemplifies the transformation of smaller spaces into a beautiful residence that is perfect for couples in love with other.

Hope you liked the rare yet soothing combination of teal and grey. Let us know in the comments below. 
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