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Four room apartment “Vero” in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany., Insight Vision GmbH Insight Vision GmbH Modern living room
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Luxury comes in many forms. Here is one form that completely transforms the look of a regular pent house into an extraordinary landscape. Sprawled in an area of 130 m2, this residence is creatively designed by insight vision architects in Germany. This house is predominantly given the feel of a studio apartment where the living room, dining room and the kitchen are combined yet separated on an informal level. The designers have done a commendable job by capturing maximum possible sunlight through those huge French windows that unfold its warmth and beauty into the whole house. Let’s start the tour.

Lavish living area

The living room is a stunning blend of rich art and luxurious products. It has all the elements to make it the most desirable part of the whole house.  While shimmery gold and purple wallpaper covers most of the wall surface, it is well contrasted by huge glass windows on one side and a plain white wall on the other. The front wall is accentuated by a sturdy wooden bookshelf that also makes a beautiful TV wall unit. The sofa is a superb display of creativity and talent. It is beautifully crafted in a curvaceous manner that is different yet perfectly fitting for this area. On the same lines, a visually adept coffee table with fits the frame stylishly and comfortably.

Dining room

The dining area is not a different room, instead located beside the living area. It is a cosy place developed with the sturdy placement of a wooden dining table that is flanked by six chairs. The eternal combination of beige and brown completes the look of the dining table that looks absolutely stunning amidst the warm natural light and against the shaded wooden flooring.

Fireplace to warm up

An indoor fireplace is another commendable sign of luxury that completes the living area. Built in a compact corner, this fireplace exudes a vibe of togetherness and warmth in the entire room. The designers have created a spectacular combination by pairing stone with fire. It truly blends in well with the interiors and gives your living room an impressive sight to watch.


Besides the dining room, is the well built ad white polished kitchen area. Just for the kitchen the flooring is changed from wood to white ceramic tiles, which sings a perfect harmony with the white lacquered kitchen cabinets. Designed in minimalist terms, the kitchen is an ideal example of small L-shaped pattern that snugs in well in one corner of the city apartment. A multipurpose island that also serves as the breakfast counter is supported well with two chairs for enjoying a quick sip of coffee.

Dreamy bedroom

Relaxing, calming and soothing, the bedroom is an ultimate destination of repose. A subtle lavender on the walls forms the perfect backdrop for a beige bed with a high rise puffed headboard. This area is given a fairy tale effect pertaining to the luxurious bed, sparkling white wardrobe and ceiling suspended lamps. Other beautiful accents like a patterned rug and a beige seating line-up further bring a deep sense of style and elegance in the room. 

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