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5 Ways to make a room look spacious

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Who doesn't want a big airy room and lots of space? As more and more people rush to the big cities of India and real estate prices soar to new heights, the above is all but a pipe dream. But living in tiny cooped up homes doesn't mean one has to live in tiny cooped up unimaginative homes. With the right kind of ideas even a tiny space can look roomy and lively. Here are 5 ways to make a room look more spacious.

White, white and lots of white

White is the magic wand that immediately makes even the tiniest of spaces look bigger and comfier. So use it as generously as possible to make a small room look bigger. A narrow space like this kitchen here can be made to look much more spacious by painting not just the walls and ceiling white, but by opting for white cabinets and breakfast bench and chairs. The brown wooden floors break the monotony of white. But the overall white scheme of this kitchen makes it look spacious. Here's another small dining area where white has worked wonders.

French windows

Whether or not one has a scenic spectacular view from their home, a huge French window can go a long way to make a room look spacious and inviting. Turning an entire wall of a room into a modern French window like in this living room, allows plenty of light to bathe the room and make it look bigger. The huge windows here have given this compact living cum dining area a spacious feel and this will work for most rooms.

Minimal Furniture

More furniture in a room makes it look cramped and restricted. So a great way to make a room look more spacious is to keep less furniture. Also the more dainty or minimal the furniture, the less space it will take away from the room. A bedroom like this is a classic example of minimal furniture working wonders to create the illusion of space. The four-poster bed with its slim frame and the basic blue nightstands and wooden chair set against white walls and a white bedspread makes this room look bigger than it actually is.

Mirror wall

Mirrors are another great way to create the illusion of space, where there isn't any. This tiny bedroom with barely enough space to fit in a bed, study table and cupboard could have looked suffocatingly small had mirrors not been used imaginatively here by CLAUDIA ALBERTINI & CHRIS SILVEIRA ARQUITETOS. Covering all the sliding doors of the cupboard which takes up an entire wall with mirror has successfully turned this bedroom from a cramped hole in the wall to a comfy bedroom.

Light up

Plenty of lights also give a room a nice spacious feel. Innovative use of lights, be it on walls, ceilings or as lamps, can liven up a room and prevent it from looking dark and confining. Just like a big window bathes a room in plenty of sunlight during daytime, a lot of lights with the help of soft colous and mirrors can make a room glow up during nighttime. So light up a room and make it look a warm and inviting space.

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