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A bedroom design to match your star sign

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Horoscopes—or zodiac signs—are said to find common characteristics among groups of different people. There are even those who say that your birth date can help predict the future events of your life—perhaps it's not too far a stretch to say that your horoscope sign can influence the types of decor you'll find pleasing in your bedroom

Using the general traits of each zodiac sign to determine what the individuals of that sign might enjoy most in their personal space, here's a list that includes an example bedroom for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

​Aries: functional and dynamic

People born under the sign of Aries are determined to achieve their goals. They have the ability to focus their energy, demonstrating a driving force when it comes to aspiration and achievement. A bedroom for Aries is a grounding, practical place for a busy, dynamic lifestyle.  Reliable, high quality furniture like this solid wooden bed, clothes stand, and sturdy bench are key; the high energy coming from the ample sunlight is also perfect for a busy Aries to launch headfirst into their day.

​Taurus: classic and comfortable

CIACCI CLASSIC Ciacci BedroomBeds & headboards



Those born under the sign of Taurus generally have a marked inclination for quiet, cozy comforts, which often leads to a love of those traditional touches that provide a steady ground to stand on in life. Taurus are known for being a bit stubborn, but they are also quite sensitive; a bedroom for Taurus will address their sensitive nature with durable, soft fabrics, plush rugs, curtains to block light in the morning, a reading lamp—basically, anything that gives a sense that they're being well taken care of. This wrought iron bed from the designers at CIACCI  sits next to a cozy fireplace—creating the traditional comfort and sensory environment that allows Taurus to feel at ease.

​Gemini: eclectic and artistic

Impression is the key word that distinguishes those born under the sign of Gemini. A Gemini is known to reveal and develop various aspects of their personality over time—for this reason, a Gemini bedroom will display eclectic and creative taste, with a flair for original and unexpected ideas. A suspended ceiling bed made of pallets sitting in contrast to the ornate candelabra and exposed brick warehouse walls make for a delicious mix that lets Gemini's creativity run free.

​Cancer: earthy and romantic

Cancers generally love a family-filled atmosphere and seek experiences that are romantic, nostalgic, and intimate.  Cancer is known to be compassionate, emotional, and sensitive; an ideal bedroom for Cancer will embody a feeling of security and reassurance and function as a safe place to spend precious alone time. Decor in this room is simple, soft, and romantic, highlighting a classic four-poster bed that could have come straight out of a fairytale. Neutral tones throughout the space provide a simple, comforting atmosphere to cushion the ebbs and flows of Cancer's richly emotional life.

​Leo: generosity and regality

Those born under the sign of Leo are known for being magnanimous and generous; Leos often surround themselves with friends and have a rich social life. The lion of the zodiac likes to feel like the king, enjoying the look and feel of high quality, luxurious materials. This majestic velvet bed and ornate wall detail is perfect for Leo, who revels in the finer things in life.

​Virgo: order and efficiency

People under the sign of Virgo love organization and order. They strive for perfection and like to surround themselves with all of the tools necessary for a successful day. Therefore, a Virgo bedroom will offer plenty of storage, with highly functional elements like this small office and neat vanity. A lover of purity, Virgo appreciates keeping things separate, with each piece of their home placed very intentionally to serve a unique purpose—while some other signs of the zodiac might not mind mixing their hairbrush with their stapler, Virgo will appreciate the distinct functional spaces offered by a layout like the one seen here.

​Libra: beauty and balance

Aesthetics are everything for Libra: they like to surround themselves with refined and finely decorated objects, avoiding minimalism, which can be seen as too basic and boring in their eyes. This room offers a rich jewel-toned colour scheme, ornately patterned walls, and dramatically draped curtains—in Libra's eyes, these exaggerated aesthetics are what make life rich and wonderful. Represented by the symbol of a scale, Libras are also inclined to seek balance—a symmetrical layout like the one seen here is a simple way to achieve a sense of balance in the bedroom.

​Scorpio: passion and power

Scorpios may seem easygoing, but they often seek power more than they'll let on. A Scorpio often has a mysterious side that enjoys being passionate and mysterious, with a great amount of depth and wisdom to their way of experiencing life. Therefore, a good bedroom for Scorpio will speak to their love of drama and mystery, creating this atmosphere through bold colour contrasts, high-contrast textures in materials, and darker colour schemes.

​Sagittarius: high-energy and adventurous

The archer of the zodiac tends to be affable, sociable, and adventurous, with a tendency to always be on the go. Sagittarius doesn't require frills and ornamentation, nor do they crave finely tuned details and high-quality decor. Instead, Sagittarius prefers a well-lit, high-energy space that allows them to breeze in and out, with practical places to store their things between their many adventures.

​Capricorn: structured and timeless

Capricornians do not tend to blindly follow fashions and trends. They tend to think about their decision in a logical manner, considering the future repercussions of their actions and taking measured steps accordingly. A good bedroom for Capricorn will reflect their sense of structure and adherence to effective procedures. A timeless colonial-style bed and classic neutral colour scheme, for example, provide a strong sense of the traditional structure and reliability that Capricorns value.

​Aquarius: fine design and technology

People born under the sign Aquarius love modernity and comfort, in all aspects of life. Therefore, even in the  bedroom they will want to surround themselves with furniture that adheres to a modern design aesthetic—even better if it features a slick technological innovation. Aquarius loves to be seen as unique and creative—a person who lives on the cutting edge!

​Pisces: imaginative and artistic

It's difficult to sum up Pisces, as they tend to be fluid people who are well liked by most everyone, adaptable to most situations, and laid back regarding preferences. The fish loves to imagine, dream, and create—they value artistic and musical experiences and enjoy being totally immersed in the task at hand. This seaside bedroom provides an excellent atmosphere for Pisces imagination to run wild, with artistic details that reflect a highly innovative and creative inner world.

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