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7 sacred Pooja room designs for your home

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Pooja rooms have always been of prime importance in every Indian home since ancient times as there are several ritualistic festivals celebrated around the year that require clean and pure surroundings. In traditional family homes people used to dedicate a separate pooja room away from the rest of the house that had idols decorated with flowers and gold ornaments. Today lack of space has forced families to dedicate small alcoves and galleries in the house as puja rooms that have pedestals made of granite, marble or wood to hold idols and other objects of prayer. Here are custom made puja rooms designed on demand for our customers that can be implemented in your home too.

Peace and prayer

Eclectic Apartment The Orange Lane Asian style corridor, hallway & stairs
The Orange Lane

Eclectic Apartment

The Orange Lane

The puja room in this home has been built in traditional style with marble flooring and single prayer altar which present a beautiful combination of art and innovation.  The room has a soft and muted glow as lights are fitted within the false ceiling lending a beautiful floral element to the roof and sides. The insides of the puja room have been made with inspiration from south Indian temples so the altar area has two pillars on the idol’s sides and the floor too has a floral motif. The two doors on the sides have interesting carvings to given them a periodic touch typical of old temples.

Modern Puja Room

India is a land of many religions and philosophical leaders that urge people to follow philosophical practices and serve mankind instead of following rituals and practices blindly. This kind of environment gives people the choice to follow their own mind and practice any religion or philosophical thought that they feel. This philosophy of respecting every religion is evident in this modern prayer room. Onlookers will definitely be confused about this eclectic puja room door with pictures of gods, religious symbols and various religious leaders. The thoughtful process of only keeping a lotus shaped pedestal with a lamp in front shows that its owner wants to create a place of peaceful meditation without any religious connotations

Golden glow

Dr.Z.S.'s Residential House DESIGNER GALAXY Modern living room

Dr.Z.S.'s Residential House


The door and wall design of this beautiful puja room show the religious fervor with which the owners have worked with designers to make this masterpiece. While the pure teak doors have carved inlays of the family gods and goddesses on both sides the section above the door has symbols of prosperity etched into the wood. Windows beside the puja room door have marble motif carved from single pieces and fixed into the frame so guests can admire the place from outside too.

Wood and marble

the internal walls of the pooja room Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

the internal walls of the pooja room

Hasta architects

The grandeur and simplicity of this puja room shows that wealth does not always mean ostentatious display of it in the prayer room. Floor has been made of simple white marble while the pedestal to keep lamps and other prayer articles has been made from granite. Instead of crowding the area with several idols a single large framed picture is hung above the pedestal. Wooden paneling extending from the roof to the pedestal is the only touch of grandeur in the room.

Tradition meets modern

The designer has cleverly used this constricted space to carve out a traditional puja room for the owners by creating the pedestal low on the ground but with enough space to create drawers below it for storage. To give it a peaceful ambiance the walls have white marble tiles with single layer of golden colored tiles stretched across the wall with religious symbols etched on them. Black marble pedestal is wide enough to hold framed pictures and also the puja articles required for daily prayers. Though the room looks like a narrow lane it has enough space to comfortably seat two people to engage in festival rituals when required.

Artistic alcove puja area

Pooja unit design homify Asian style living room

Pooja unit design


In today’s world where every square foot of real estate is sold at a premium creating a separate puja room in a large metro city is expensive for a middle class family. This minimalist puja area designed out of an alcove contains all the basic requirements of prayer and has an aura of peace and serenity. While the roof, back paneling, pedestal and storage area at the bottom are entirely made of wood the counter holding diyas and other puja articles has a marble inlay to avoid ash from incense burning into the wood. The tiny light built into the alcove roof throws ambient light on the idols and frames ideal for a prayer area.

Prayer temple of wood

The serenity of light pink walls and hidden lighting create a sublime atmosphere of tranquility and peace in this beautiful puja room. The minimal clutter pedestal has a beautiful temple shaped altar carved out of wood that is of unique importance to some families. This modern puja room created by Bonito Designs is perfect for meditation and spirituality as small pools of light create a reflective atmosphere.  One can sit here and be lost in prayer to the diving almighty for hours while listening to soft meditative chants.


The single glowing marble statue of mischievous lord Krishna on the pedestal is enough to invoke feelings of wonder, adoration and love for the almighty. Here the  giver of joy and prosperity to millions of devotees is asking his followers with childlike innocence if they will follow the path of righteousness and be one with him.

For more interesting ideas on puja rooms refer to this ideabook.

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