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From the archetypal Persian, to the laid-back Turkish Kilim, rugs are an essential decorating necessity. The ancient and impressive art of rug weaving has been transforming interior (and exterior) spaces since the ancient hand-loomed Oriental rugs of the third century A.D. Prior to this, rugs and woven carpet can be traced back to the Mesopotamian era, and as early as the fourth century B.C. So it is unequivocally apparent that rugs are not only part of our homes and aesthetic design sensibilities, but part of our history as well. One of these important interior rugs is the hallway runner. The runner rug is an excellent way to not only protect your flooring in an area of high foot traffic, but contribute to the style and design of your interior décor. Give your living room or hallway a fresh new look with runner rug, and check out the following excitingly sophisticated examples below.

5-star grandeur

Want to feel as though your home is a 5-star getaway or lavish hotel? Try emulating this design for a dwelling that howls in delight at the fabulous luxury and opulent décor and decoration. This space is illuminated by a series of stylish luminous baubles, but the area is brought together by the finer details—the carpeting, runners and rugs. The hallway runner in this space is elegantly in tune with the colour scheme, while the matching carpeted staircase further enhances the areas cohesiveness and provides a sense of magnificence and majesty.

A runner for the kitchen

Runners needn’t be reserved for hallways and entrance foyers, this kitchen runner is an excellent way to enhance your kitchen space and provide a contrast against the white flooring and joinery. This sisal mat-like runner is made of a fabric that is tough against stains, in a colour that resists dirt and grime, while acting in a robust and tight weaved fashion—perfect for any busy or hectic kitchen. Moreover, protect your floors from a high level of foot traffic with a runner that can ensure your space looks stylish as well as protected.

A beautiful vista

Not necessarily a runner, but this example shows how a stunning rug can improve the vista between the hallway and the adjoining room. This space is luxurious, lavish and the distant rug helps to ensure that the area is not only comfortable, but stylish and coordinated with the entrance as well.

Highlight a focal point

A runner is not just for protection of the floor and comfort in a room, but it can also be used as a handy design tool to highlight a focal point in the room and draw attention to a particular space. This rug does just that—the bright blue is contrasted against the white walls help to focus one’s attention to the window and subsequent view ahead, ensuring it is attention-grabbing, and an eye-catching feature.

Tribal element

Tribal elements are ‘on trend’ and currently a fashionable and exciting home accessory. Why not incorporate a hallway runner, with an up-to-the-minute pattern to create an area that is uber-stylish, and fashionably sophisticated? Make sure your space is unadorned, avoiding too many other accessories or decorations, as a bright and stylish rug such as this will take pride of place and can be distracting with too many other accoutrements.

A well-carpeted staircase

Hallway runners aren’t necessarily simply for hallways, stairs are one of the most common areas to carpet, and in doing so, can create a space that is fashionable, stylish with exquisite attention-to-detail. This staircase exemplifies the ability of carpet to ensure a room feels warm, homely, and stylish. Not only does carpet look fabulous on a staircase, but it can act practically too, providing a non-slip surface, and protecting the hardwood beneath it.

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