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They remodelled their terrace with very little money, and made it beautiful!

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
by Alejandra Zavala P.
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Remodelling or creating a beautiful setting on a terrace is an important part of home design since it’s an area that is used by the family for relaxing or getting together with friends. The remodelling process should include planning the space so that it adds more interest to the area, besides suiting the needs of the family and meeting the budget.

When you’re remodelling the terrace in an apartment building, you need to ensure that the plan doesn’t drastically modify the façade of the building. In a condominium, it’s best to leave the walls as they are, in order to prevent problems and complaints, since most condos have regulations regarding the exteriors of houses.

Today, we take you on a tour of a remodelled terrace to show you what a great result they achieved with just a few changes.

Here we see the terrace on the second floor

It was already covered and partially furnished, but it still lacked something.

Here’s how it looked before: with a transparent roof, barbeque and dining room

You can see that the terrace flooring had a combination of wooden deck tiles in one half and smooth cement in the rest of the area. A high white wall stood in the background of the portable barbeque, while a lower wall along the edge of the terrace kept it open. The large area was divided into two sections by the furniture, as you can see in the picture, with the dining table and the chairs standing on the wooden floor.

The plans included renewing the white wall at the bottom to give it personality

First, electrical installation is completed in the wall of the terrace to add lamps as a part of the remodelling. A special coating is applied before continuing the rest of the work, as we will see in the next photos.

Covered with stone

It’s a wise choice to coat the background wall with stone. This cladding is a lovely element that brings a cosier ambiance to the terrace, making it a perfect place to get together. The lower portion is left uncoated to provide space for a planter.

Then they built a concrete planter – it looks spectacular!

In front of the elegant wall covered with rustic stone in natural colours, the concrete planter holds bamboo plants. The planter is painted white, to provide contrast to the wall and the plants. With this, the terrace already looks like it is completely renovated with a new look and lovely plants.

A simple idea, but beautiful and great!

Unlike when you sow plants indoors, where have to move it out into the sun occasionally, in this terrace the plants get sun during the day, allowing for photosynthesis so that they are well fed. The planter is built to handle drainage and irrigation to prevent water and soil from spilling into the rest of the area.

The front of the terrace needed improvement too: they installed electrical connections

The floorboards near the protective wall were temporarily removed to make space for the electrical installation in the wall. The red pipe travels along the edge of the floor and up the wall until the point where the light will be placed – almost at two thirds the total height of the wall.

And placed lamps for perfect illumination

The dining area in the new terrace uses the same wooden floor boards. A lamp is installed on the ceiling to complement the style of the terrace and the furniture. See the renovated wall in the background with the planter and plants. The terrace is transformed into a well-designed space with an atmosphere that is perfect for meeting up with friends or enjoying the company of the family.

This is how the terrace looks after the renovation. They replaced the old dining set with a more modern one!

Now, the terrace renovation is finished with new dining furniture and a completely changed atmosphere. It is designed so that it can be used during the day as well as at night with the addition of ceiling lamps as well as lights along the wall bordering the terrace.

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