14 modern fountains for small patios or entrances

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A fountain near the entrance, on your patio, the terrace or the garden can transform these spaces into real havens for relaxation, in addition to providing an attractive twist to the aesthetics of these places.

No matter what you are looking for, thanks to the numerous options of sizes and designs on Homify, you will find the right one that will suit in your space. In today’s book, we have 14 designs of modern fountains that will look fantastic in small entrances and patios.

Let’s have a look!

In a corner, one of the perfect places to put a fountain

How to choose the right type of fountain for your space? The choice will depend on the budget, area, upkeep and decorative style of your patio. In any case, the fountain will be the center of attraction of your garden.

With spectacular decoration (perfect for a terrace)

It is important to install the fountain not just a source of water in your yard but also as a decoration that complements and beautifies the surrounding. For example, in this design, the bottom of the fountain has been covered by a bed of ball stones, which adds texture and color to the patio and blends with the interior of the house, and fills it with freshness and calmness.

Stone and absolutely modern

The location of your fountain is the first and most important step that defines its perfection as a decorative element in your home. To get it right, choose a place where the floor is level and clean, so that the installation could be as simple as possible. After the installation of the fountain, you may use stones to create a natural look in the space.

As a pond

Enjoy the great benefits! In addition to enhancing the beauty of the patio or terrace, the fountains offer great benefits to health. The sound produced by the constant movement of circulating water elevates the mood almost instantaneously.

When it is in the outdoors, the sound of water is amplified and its effect is long lasting. It can be enjoyed even when inside the house. The sound of water has the ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable.

With a weeping wall

The most spectacular form of water in the nature is in the form of waterfall. In many occasion we love to travel just to enjoy this spectacular view. How would you like to have that view without leaving the house?

By installing a fountain, you can bring this view of spectacular fall and a soothing sound right in the garden to fascinate your guests.

Natural and compact stone (fits almost anywhere)

There are many options of materials to choose from for a modern fountain. Stone is one of the favorites among all because of the versatility offered by this natural material. It gives us the opportunity to create variety of designs in different sizes and at affordable prices. In addition to the material, you should also take care that the place where you want to install the fountain is flat and firm and does not have excess of greenery, so that the beauty of the fountain is highlighted.

A fountain at the entrance of the house

It is a sensible investment to invest in an outdoor fountain because of the benefits it offers. In addition to what is mentioned above; a fountain can also revamp the appearance of your patio and take it to a different level, the sensual and allusive melody of flowing water will be a pleasure to hear and it will bring freshness and humidity in the air thus improving its quality and making it clean and pure.

Perfect to find a place of relaxation

The presence of a fountain in a patio, garden or terrace immediately changes the look and makes it spectacular with unparalleled elegance. Besides being impressive and inspiring, it creates a therapeutic environment that enhances the mood, energizes and relaxes you and provides peace and tranquility.

You can place a statue of Buddha, ideal to make the space look calm and perfect to enhance the mood.

Taking advantage of a small patio wall

The appropriate lighting in a fountain is an important decorative feature for the evenings. The lights add to its beauty and provide a different perspective to it at night. On special occasion you can accentuate the effects from lightings.

There are many types of lights available and each has its own impact. Depending on the position or places it is installed, a different effect could be created. An important point to consider is that a chrome steel or brightly lit lights can cause annoying reflections during the day.

Before taking a final call, test with a flashlight to look for the exact effect you want and see if that goes with the style of your fountain and the decoration of the space.

A concrete fountain to create a perfect zone

The location of the fountain is very important. If you have an area to sit and relax, this space will become significant with the presence of a fountain. Just keep the same style throughout the design of the project. For example, for an avant-garde style opt for pure lines and neutral colors. This will help to have an environment without excess and will look sophisticated as in this image.

For all tastes and needs

No matter how big or small your patio is you will always find an ideal fountain for the space.

The fountains can be placed in the boundaries or limits of the house, in the relaxation area, as an art piece or it could be placed to add individuality to the outdoor space, such as this elegant and remarkable mirror of water. Simply sensational!

For a fresh welcome

If the patio of the house is also the entrance of your home, then nothing can be better than installing a small fountain there. Your guests will be elated by the unmatched warm welcome it will provide and every day after a long day of work, you will enjoy coming to home.

Surrounded by greenery and relaxing colors, this design is truly inspiring.

The flow of water

Along with the decorative elements, the flow of water makes the big difference in the look of the fountain. To attain a good flow, the choice of the pump is important. Consult specialists and professional landscapers about the best options for the flow of water that fits your idea of decoration.

The perfect circle

A fountain will definitely elevate the beauty of the patio of the house.  It will also bring great benefits to your mood. Irrespective of your preferred size or material, you will always find something that best suits your needs. Make sure that you are not missing the presence of nature right in your home in the form of a beautiful fountain.

What design do you like best? We invite you to tell us by leaving a comment.

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