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6 ideas to increase your kitchen's comfort levels

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Kitchens not only should be functional, practical and organized, but they should cause you the minimal amount of stress, and actually be comfortable to spend time in. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to sort our kitchens out too much that they become sterile and lack character. But there are a number of tricks you can use to make sure your cooking space is inviting and orderly at the same time. 

One big tip to remember is the 'work triangle'. Generally speaking, there should be a triangle shape that connects the sink with the cooker with the refrigerator. Of course it's not an absolute must, but when used it will structure the space most effectively and will result in a more comfortable room. 

1. Use plenty of light.

An important factor in any room, and especially in the kitchen is light. If your room doesn't have it's own source of natural light, then make sure your artificial lighting makes up for it. You want to illuminate the bench space, and the stove top in particular. 

Don't be afraid of using multiple kinds of lighting too—track lighting, adjustable fittings, standing lamps, halogen rods, together they will provide adequate lighting.  

2. Keep it clean.

And we don't mean to just keep the surfaces hygienic and clean, but also keep the style clean. There is no messing around in this kitchen thanks to the ultra-modern design and all-white color palette. If you like minimalism, then the kitchen is just the place to really show it off (you don't even need to bother with embellishments like drawer handles, or door knobs). 

Make your kitchen suit your lifestyle, and your aesthetic, not the other way around. See here for 30 different kitchen styles if you are looking for one to suit you. 

3. Add rustic flair.

Yes, kitchen surfaces like bench tops should be modern, durable and (usually) new, but that isn't necessarily true for the rest of the room. If you love the look of reclaimed wood, second hand furniture or antique pieces then go for it! Add them to your space and create a boldly eclectic kitchen like this one. 

4. Mix styles.

If you have an heirloom piece of furniture like this stunning wooden cupboard then don't shy away from having it in your kitchen. Even if the design may be completely different from your existing kitchen, bring it into the room and celebrate the mash-up of eras and styles. Grab some new chairs to tie it all together if it stands out too much.  

5. Rough it up.

Keeping your kitchen a little rough around the edges like this industrial-inspired will make sure you feel at home. While kitchens should be impeccably clean and tidy, it doesn't mean they have to be overly fussy and sterile looking. Leave ceilings beams exposed if you want to. Keep the ventilation system showing. Embrace metal and install tall silver shelving. Make the style suit you.

6. Keep it convertible.

If your kitchen is cozy and compact, then do invest in custom built cabinets. This kitchen island hides a small lunch table within when it's not needed. Or if you barely have enough space even for this, then try fold-down benches and tabletops attached to the walls as another solution. Ask a professional carpenter if you need further assistance.  

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