7 Inspiring pooja room designs

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When we move into a new house, the first thing that we all do is, find a specific place for the gods and deities so that they bless us in the best and worst of times.

But most of us pay so much attention to the décor of the other parts of the house that we completely forget about decorating the Pooja room. Well, not anymore.

Homify brings to you 7 stunning Pooja room designs to inspire you:

1- Handcrafted marble temple and a grand entrance

This Pooja room redefines luxury in every aspect – from the stunning double door entrance to the white marble tiles all around. The ceiling is also not left behind, and there is a stunning chandelier on top.

Even with so much going on in the room, the white marble tiles provide a clear contrast and make the room look minimalistic and peaceful.

2- A South Indian Temple

This Pooja room has been inspired by the temples in Southern India, and it looks every bit of amazing. While the picture of the God in golden frame and silver diyas on the side reminds us of traditional Indian décor, the woodwork at the back gives the whole room a modern touch.

​3- A separate corner for gods

If you don’t have enough space in your house to dedicate a whole room for Pooja, then you can just have a separate corner for it. But remember, assigning a corner doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with the space décor wise. This little Pooja section is a perfect example of how beautifully you can even decorate a small corner.

4- Traditional bells and diyas

This Pooja room is a stunning example of the fact that it doesn’t matter whether you put pictures or idols of different deities. You can make your Pooja room look just as grand with the help of the different décor pieces. This room, for instance, uses the traditional bells which are hanging from the ceiling and diyas in the centre as décor pieces.

5- A Pooja room inside the bedroom

This pooja room has been very smartly built inside a bedroom, and yet, it seems like a room of its own. A traditional style steel door has been used to provide a partition between the bedroom and the pooja space.

6- Little corner in the kitchen

When you are absolutely out of space in your house and you still want to find a way to incorporate deities into your home, then the best place is the kitchen. Give up a cabinet space and convert it into your pooja room. Kitchens are preferred many because it is one of the most sacred places in the house, according to Vastu.

7- A rust meditation space

If you need a place where you can do your pooja peacefully then we suggest creating a separate meditation area where you can sit and relax. While the designers of this house have placed a Tulsi in the center, and Om inscriptions on the wall, you can place your deities in the center as well. There is a wide glass window, which provides a great view of greenary as well. 

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Which one of these pooja rooms inspired you the most?

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