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Rendered by the architects at Kampai Arquitetura, this modern house is an epitome of luxury and style. A variety of textures, elegant designs and soothing colours come together to make the exterior impressive and the interior stunning. Spacious living areas, massive glass windows, practical touches and tasteful decor are the other attractive aspects. We also love how the architects have created a unique space which integrates the indoors with the backyard and pool, without hampering the comfort factor of the family. Read on to know more and get inspired for your Indian project.

Grand facade

Simple but elegant architectural lines make this urban structure very imposing and eye-catching. Composed of simple and solid volumes, the house enjoys a lightweight look owing to the aesthetic pairing of glass with concrete.

Elegant interior

Right after you enter the house, you can help but admire the airy spaciousness, tasteful and modern furnishing, and smart wood and glass entrance door. The decorative pieces are carefully chosen and placed too.

Enchanting details

Long, flowing and sheer white drapes clad the towering glass windows here, making the atmosphere elegant and dreamy. The crystal chandelier almost reaches the floor, and is unique and stunning. The colour palette mainly uses white, though the corner table offers a vibrant touch.

Awesome design

The presence of a mezzanine floor adds a contemporary and stylish touch to the residence, besides contributing to the openness. A beautiful staircase with glass balustrades takes you to the mezzanine.

Magic of double height

Double-height ceilings add oodles of spaciousness and airiness to the interiors. By coupling with tall glass windows that usher in natural light, they make the house seem bright and cheerful. The windows as you can see, also help you connect with nature with style.

When indoor meets outdoor

This transit space is a great idea to merge the interiors with the pool and backyard patio, without compromising the privacy of the inhabitants. Sliding glass doors can be opened for ventilation or closed when the weather gets rough. This way, you can take a relaxing dip in the charming pool without getting sunburnt.

Lovely patio

The expansive backyard patio is cosy, features trendy outdoor furniture and close to the beautiful pool. Enjoy happy moments with your family here, sip on cool drinks or breathe in fresh air.

Gorgeous bathroom

This luxurious and tasteful bathroom is mostly done up in creamy white tones, and is a serene rejuvenation space. Glass, mirror, steel and shiny surfaces add a hint of glamour to this sophisticated space. Light gets reflected generously and liven up the bathroom easily.

Luxurious Jacuzzi

A fashionable Jacuzzi makes this bathroom perfect for undisturbed relaxation, while the interesting texture of the wall cladding adds personality here. Glass panels and stylish lights add to the charm and break the monotony of white hues as well.

A happy home

A last look at the stunning pool and the well-maintained grassy patch leaves no doubt that the house is perfectly comfortable and apt for joyful times. It’s great for family gatherings and outdoor barbeques too.

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