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Decoration and arrangement for a bathroom usually represent a headache. You have to adjust the right lighting within a few meters of space, convert scarce corners to delightful areas, or simply deal with the right light distribution that is never accurate. No one wants their bathroom this way!

Choosing the right colors and materials, one can make this small space in a true oasis. Here are 12 designs for bathroom that will put the viewers in the ocean of inspiration. These designs are personally curated by our designer team and thus, general fit for a typical Indian home. Have a look at them.

1. Small and Clean

If you have small bathroom space at your place then a narrow and crisp bathroom design like this will work. A long rectangular space covered with circular wash basin, sanitary and mirror. Do not ignore the artwork on the frontal wall and the brightly painted ceiling.

2. In and Out defined

If you are not running short of time and space and design the interiors and exteriors elements carefully and separately. For example, the washbasins are put outside in above bathroom and the bathtub and shower rest within the glass made room. 

3. Truly Feminine

If you are a girl who has the commands of designing your own home then put all the bling here. The colorful chair on corner, fairy inspired chandeliers and sanitary and the dim lights look nothing less than a blessing. 

Bathroom renovation ideas for your bathroom.

4. Close to the nature

Build your bathroom in that corner of the house from where the nature can peep into the room. You do not need to have vast space to do this. Just a small area with open ceiling, glass made doors and midsize bathtub will help to accomplish this look.

5. Lights Play

Imagine what if you have a bathroom like this at your place? Isn't it gorgeous enough to unwind all the stress here? While the designs are quite ordinary, the main attraction is the extraordinary choice of lighting. You can choose anything that resembles water or natural shades. 

6. Perfect Organization

Japanese style inspired bathroom- where minimalism and simplicity rules! Wooden made table with small shelves and niches let you put up things on place without asking you to find them every time you need them. The striped grilles on windows bring filtered sunlight inside the room.

7. Tiles from different families

A bathroom in Indian home is often incomplete without tiles. And guess what? You do not need to have same colors and shades of lights to complement the look. 

Another brilliant bathroom with display of tiles. Metallic walls and floor with matching accessories.

8. Wooden delight

Accentuate the look of the bathroom of your house with wooden touch and white sanitary items. Bathtub on one side and toilet seat on the other with white sink and drawers placed in between.

9. Rustic Class

Stone engraved walls and a bathroom that look like a cave, what a brilliant outlook it brings out! Use sophisticated furniture to modernize the look.

10. Black and Bliss

Black walls in bathrooms are rare sight and so are the artworks! Put up simple bathroom accessories and create steep racks to place the decor items.

11. Royal bath

Small details are what that make difference at any place. See here the beautiful royal look of this bathroom. White walls, white tiles and white bathtub paired along with delicate faucets and shower complete the look here. 

12. Modern

For the decoration of a small modern bathroom, we need touches of color, which we can add with compliments or with the walls. For instance, the red motif and towel in this gray bathroom. The large mirror is responsible to give a feeling of amplitude to this area.

What are your new year goals for bathrooms?

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