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What you should not have at home if you are over 30 years old

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Some habits that we learn as students, or when we live with our parents, become so deeply ingrained that they stay with us even without us being conscious of it. In many cases, it shows in the way we decorate or design our home. For instance, we might buy the same brand of crockery that our mother or grandmother had in their home, choose a particular type of furniture because we are used to it, paint the walls a certain colour or even refrain from decorating the doors since we weren’t allowed to do it in our childhood or have bad memories of being berated when having done so.

In order to help to move away from these habits, we’ve put together a list of things that no one over thirty should live with, especially if they are living independently and are no longer a student. It’s based on a collection of responses to questions as well as conversations with people over 30 and relates to the design and décor of the house. Take a look at the list and see how many of these things you are guilty of.

1. Does the thought of displaying diplomas and certificates from primary or secondary school sound strange to you? You’ll be surprised to know there are still some people who do that!

They are best stored in a folder and placed in a drawer.

2. Plastic chairs in your terrace or garden. They may be economical and practical, but honestly, they don’t leave a good impression.

Instead, save if you need to and invest in wooden chairs.

3. A disastrously cluttered kitchen

By the time you are 30, you’ll realise that eating is one of life’s pleasures. A kitchen needs to be kept neat and clean at all times so you can cook whenever you want, and an uncluttered kitchen makes the experience enjoyable.

​Even if it’s a small patio, it’s worth enjoying.

5. After 30, your home shouldn’t look like it is decorated for a student

Give it some style by adding colour, lighting, décor accessories and comfortable furniture to bring a cosy feel to your home.

6. Incomplete dinner ware is a no-no! You should have separate glasses for each drink, whether it’s beer, wine or spirits.

7. Sleeping on a mattress like you did when you were a student.

At least buy a cheap bed and a good mattress. Your spine will be eternally grateful.

8. A bed without a duvet or a bedspread – unforgivable!

A comfortable bed with a bedspread and cushions is so much better, wouldn’t you agree?

9. An entrance that makes your home look unwelcoming and scary!

A modern entrance and refreshing entrance works best without doubt.

10. A Jacuzzi that is placed just to impress friends, and not because you really want it

After 30, you don’t need to try so hard to impress your friends. It’s much better to impress yourself, don’t you think? It’s best to have friends who accept us as we are – with or without a Jacuzzi!

11. Dirty and cracked walls

Clean them frequently and get them repaired.

12. Stuffing unused things into corners

신혼집 20평대 self interior, toki toki

Sell them if you don’t need them, or organize them properly.

13. Glass furniture or pieces with sharp edges, especially if you already have children.

Buy furniture with rounded corners and those made with child-safe materials.

14. Doors or furniture that needs repair

신혼집 20평대 self interior, toki toki

Get things repaired immediately to keep the house in order.

15. Cables and wires dangling from the walls without you realizing it.

신혼집 20평대 self interior, toki toki

16. An air-conditioner in poor condition with its wiring exposed

17. A collection of plants that is not cared for

While it’s nice to have nature at home, it’s no use if you can’t look after it.

18. Furniture in bad condition

19. An obscure study that isn’t organized or decorated

​It’s better to change it to make it good looking. You don’t need to do much. Just a coat of paint and nice lighting can make a world of difference.

20. Decorating like you are still a teenager

It’s time to grow up and make your home reflect your age.  

For ideas on decorating your teen's bedroom see Bedroom design ideas for teens.

So, how many of these habits are your guilty of? Respond in the comments.

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