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Every homeowner desires an entrance that is welcoming and pleasant that encourages visitors to come back again. In several cultures too homeowners are encouraged to have a clean and attractive entrance to attract wealth and prosperity. Besides looking neat and presentable the front door must meet another basic function of protecting the inhabitants from burglars.

The door design should be such that it should complement the façade and interiors while being physically strong to deter miscreants and withstand wear and tear. One should keep in mind that while doors play a prominent role in designing home entrances, other factors like staircase leading to it, lighting and planters near it are also of importance.

Here are 15 ideas to make the front door presentable among which everyone will find something to suit their situation!

1. Classy and unique

When a door is slightly above ground level and surrounded by a garden as intricately designed as this then it should have a staircase worth stepping up. Here is a black granite staircase that adds glamor to the entire setup against the colorful floor tiles of the patio and curvaceous iron railing combined with natural wood that can never go wrong. Glass doors and windows add to the perfection of the house and surroundings of beautiful garden.

2. Modern and dignified

Modern door with single material like wood or combined with materials like steel and brass always make an interesting addition to a facade. Here the owners have used old wooden planks above white gravel to make an interesting entrance leading up to the door in combination with complimentary lighting on the white wall that brightens up the surroundings. The large planters add to the charm of this modest and smart doorway.

3. Colorful door

A charming house country style cottage should be given a fitting door that suits the structure and here is a fitting example of an adorable rustic wooden door and window painted in bright red that add energy and optimism whole. However, if you're wondering about choosing the best color for summer cottages as this then opt for bright tones like blue, green, pink or violet that should compliment the house. Color enhances detail and makes the entrance special by sheer bright tones of the front door.

4. Stepping stones to the door

The path to an entrance should be both functional and aesthetic especially when it leads across a green lawn. Though paths can be created with different materials such as stone, gravel, concrete, or wood—the arrangement here made of stone slabs has created a picture perfect scene leading up the stately house. Steps leading up to the entrance should always be  durable, slip resistant and strong against frost as it has to be manage all weather conditions. Besides being sturdy and maintenance free the stepping stones to a house should match the garden design within which it is located.

5. Brightly lit and welcoming

The magical possibilities of lighting and complimentary colors has to be seen to be believed like this entrance door that enlivens mood as soon as the lights are switched on every evening. The lighting from the pathway leading up to the door and above it highlights the facade of the house along with the path. Pathway lighting was not very important but it manages to make the stairway more dignified. Well lit doorways also keep away burglars as they fear easy detection from anyone passing by on the street. 

6. Minimalist entrance

Simple designs are always the best as they are easy to plan, install and maintain. Here the classic wooden door with a small awning above the window next to it adds a touch of style to the entrance as it is supported by a trendy brick wall and rock garden before it. Minimalist décor and easy on the eye is sometimes the best solution when space is at a premium.

7. Clean and sharp

The grey and white facade of this simple and elegant entrance door speaks a silent language of dignity that has to be heard to be believed. The grey steel door with a slim rectangular gap in the middle that acts like a one sided looking glass is a picture of safety and perfection.

8. Frosted glass for privacy

Growing number of people nowadays are opting for glass doors to allow as much natural light as possible and have a classy facade. But as glass doors affect privacy and security,  architects advice a smart choice like this frosted glass door with a wide wooden door frame.

9. Colorful welcome

The entrance of a house has as much impression on a guest as its interiors and unless it is stunning and praiseworthy it will not leave a lasting impression on them. Here is an impact resistant red steel door surrounded by mosaic of colourful tiles that urges guests to explore the home’s interiors to see if they are as colourful as this door.

10. Revolving and modern

A front door made up of a single plank of dark-wood is simple yet adds status and dignity to the wide entrance framed in wood.

11. Lighting makes it perfect

The grey steel door fits like a glove into the entrance as it is enclosed with a grey stone façade and is approachable by a stone walkway. Sophisticated lighting around the door makes it glow like a gateway to a spaceship.

12. Welcome sunshine

This bright wooden door and window set against an all white wall reflects sunlight in all its glory during the mid afternoon bringing back memories of lazy Mediterranean holidays.

13. Colorful entrance garden

There is nothing as impressive as a bed of colorful flowers in all their glory amidst a row of dark pebbles close to the front entrance. Plants at the entrance in colorful combination as this uplifts the mind and mood of guests as much as the owners and is preferable to bland planters with leafy plants. 

14. Unusual stairs

When stairs as fashionable and trendy as these that can enchant visitors with their layout but a wrong step can land them in a puddle of water are at the entrance then adequate care has to be taken about their maintenance too. Ideally these stairs should be made of slip proof material that does not become dangerous during rain and snow when the surface is wet. One has to stand at the head of these stair to admire its genius and beauty as then it would be trivial to think about potential of danger.

15. Black for impression

Black door with silver trim is elegance at its best. Tall doors with steel grill protecting the glass surface exudes grace and keeps burglars at bay.  

With the festival season close at hand it is best that one also explores Stylish ideas for decorating home entrance for Christmas.

Which entrance door and layout did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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