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5 Ideas to decorate your walls at home

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The walls of a home not only protect its inhabitants from and give them privacy but also act as a canvas to help them showcase their taste in finer things of life before guests. From the color of the walls to their borders a wall is like a blank sheet of art paper that is willing to follow our orders. Every section of the walls of a house are not random blocks of bricks held together with concrete and paint as they speak about the  personality of its owners in the form of color and design. As the owner of the house you have to decide the face of walls that surround you!

Curious to know about interesting ways to enrich the image of walls in different areas of the house like the patio, children's room, staircase, living room and kitchen? Here are five fabulous ideas created by Homify’s interior designers to decorate those walls of your house with beliefs and emotions that you are deeply connected to in a creative manner.

1. Translucent magic

The entrance of a home from driveway to the door or the hallway to living room presents guests with a glimpse of its interiors and helps them anticipate its elegance. A boundary wall that does not allow people on the street a clear view of the house as it has a mesh style design displaying only minute glimpses of the structure is like a unique piece of wall art in this picture.  Besides maintaining privacy between the main road and house the is beautiful exterior wall acts as a protector of harsh sunlight that flashes through the tiny pores in the wall turning them into lively rays of summer.

2. Colors of joy

The brilliant combination of colors and lighting make working in this kitchen an absolutely delightful exercise as there is ample space for its members to cook and entertain simultaneously. Dressed like a party zone with colorful walls and cabinets along with breakfast area that sometimes functions as a preparation zone and roof with square checkerboard motif the kitchen is a mix of country and modern styles. The best sections of this modern kitchen are the blackboard wall behind the wash area and thresholds adorned with white border trimming that integrates vertical elements with the horizontal ones.

3. Three dimensional wall art

Would the staircase to heaven be as colourful or charming as this? Supported by an elegant balustrade of white glass with a tinge of blue the staircase’s steps are created with highly polished wood that makes stepping on them sheer pleasure. The wall supporting the modern staircase is the most creative part of the structure with 3D squares in white and red placed in an artistic sequence.

4. Lively living room

The living room is considered the most public part of every house as this is where guests are received and entertained according to the best ability of the host. Here is an interesting way to decorate your living room walls with decals of people, flowers or artistic shapes to give a creative edge to the region. Combination of bright teal furniture against white and grey background makes the living room glow with life. The owners have added their personal touch to the region by making colorful hand-painted tin cans as planters and placed them over the ledge.

5. Colorful children's room

Children are joyful carefree souls full of energy and enthusiasm and secure in the feeling that they will be cared for at all times by parents. So, why not give them a colorful and joyful space that recharges their spirits and gives them a colorful canvas for their stories each day?  Here is a room ideal for children that have a lovely piece of wall art where some shoes jump and walk on an orange wall and two uniquely shaped hanging lamps. The most arresting section of this room is the cupboard shaped like a container.

If you want more ideas for decoration then  these Classic decor ideas for your home should suit the purpose.

Which wall decor idea did you like the best. Do let us know in your comments below.
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