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Modern Family garden in North London, Earth Designs Earth Designs Modern garden
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Think of the garden as a private sanctuary, a place where you and your loved ones can spend quality time together and be connected with the outdoors. Spring is here, days are becoming just that little bit longer, and the sun is creating a natural warmth that we have all been missing. Naturally, our desire to be outside is becoming stronger, and so now really is the time to create the your own private outdoor setting in your garden. 

What type of garden do you want to create? Whether you desire a space to socialise with family and friends, a tranquil oasis, a kids playground, or a simple no-fuss garden, at homify we have what you're looking for. This could be the day that starts it all— scroll down to see some of the best gardens we have compiled from our design and landscaping experts. 

Dynamic Ideas

Bike and log store with green roof Organic Roofs Modern garden
Organic Roofs

Bike and log store with green roof

Organic Roofs

Lets start things of with something practical. Even within small spaces there is potential. Take a look at this creative design from Organic Roofs. Wooden planter boxes have been constructed adjacent to the bordering house and fence. These clever additions serve two purposes: the first is to create space for everyday items. Whatever is placed underneath will be well protected from the elements. Here we can see a bike being stored away, perhaps it could also be used to house the family pet or garden tools.  The second purpose is obvious, retaining precious garden space. Additional plants are able to grow atop of these wooden boxes to help keep the garden looking green.  

Play Fun!

Modern Family garden in North London, Earth Designs Earth Designs Modern garden
Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

No need for constant supervision! This child-friendly design lets little ones spend countless hours having fun and exploring without the risk of injury. Kids can spend time enjoying the outdoors, whilst parents are free to do other things they enjoy—a win-win for everyone.

Here we see our friends at Earth Designs show off their design flair for children's play areas. Wood is the dominant material in this garden: the beautiful grains of the wood blend in perfectly with the rest of the gardens natural look. The astro-turf provides a soft surface for the kids to play on and is also visually appealing.  

Decking Delight

Decking is becoming a trending design feature in modern gardens, and it's easy to see why.  Decking makes for great outdoor social spaces. In this example from Katherine Roper Landscape & Garden Design, the placement of furniture invites people to sit down and enjoy the serenity. From this perspective we can see square shaped decking that act as steps to lower areas.  Dark shaded wood chips and the bordering fencing provides a nice contrast between the different wood types. Simple planting leaves an impression of simplicity, and also reduces the amount of maintenance required for the overall garden. 

Japanese Fusion

A granite chip sea with floating islands Lush Garden Design Asian style garden
Lush Garden Design

A granite chip sea with floating islands

Lush Garden Design

Japan has been a constant source of inspiration for landscape gardening. Lush Garden Design have thoughtfully applied the best aspects of the Japanese influence in an everyday home.  Listening to the sound made by the small pebbles whilst walking through this garden can evoke a feeling of being in the heart of a Japan itself. The shades of white, black and grey of the different borders and surfaces looks incredible amongst the greenery of the carefully positioned plants. The striking red shaded wooden feature at the rear of the image is a fantastic inclusion.  

Calming Water

Water features offer not only an aesthetic appeal, but also a something far more valuable. Have you ever noticed how calm and peaceful you feel when there is a sound of water trickling over a surface? These stone water fountains chosen by Rosemary Coldstream Garden Design Limited  are the main centrepiece of this garden make over. Sitting in the middle of a wide footpath, these fountains are there to be enjoyed.  Listening to the delicate sounds of water provides a sense of tranquillity to escape the chaos and stress of everyday life. Another noticeable feature of the garden is the placement of the upright wooden beams which encircle the seating area. These beams provide an attractive border between garden bed and seating area. 

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