15 light bright living rooms that are perfect for the Malaysian style

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It seems like we're always on the hunt for designs that will help keep our homes bright and welcoming. So if you're still contemplating different styles (like many of us are), we got this list together to help you!

It's not just white walls and furnishings that give a room a light and bright ambience. As you'll see, this list incorporates both the white and the colourful interior, and even goes so far as to give pointers on furnishings to keep your living room looking radiant. Whether you prefer the bold and modern or the more traditional and cosy, these living rooms are so delightful it will be hard to pick your favourite.

1. Simple and white

Our first living room combines the two essentials for a light and bright space, and that is the minimalist style with a white interior. White walls reflect all light sources and visually expand the room as well as brighten hearts.

2. Ceiling lights help

Although there's only one window in this living area, the bright and unusual ceiling lights keep the space bright and inviting.

3. Wicker

When outside light is limited, having porous furniture helps. Take these wicker chairs and sofa, for example. With less material blocking your sight, your space remains lighter.

4. Flooring

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living room


It's not just the walls that brighten a room. Marble flooring is great for that.

5. With brick

White and crumbling brick keeps things bright and adds rustic charm to this modern space.

6. Use your heights

High ceilings and an all-white interior magnifies the light and bright atmosphere in this Malaysian home.

7. Bold colours also belong

Your living room can still be light and bright with an accent wall! This bright and bold red looks great in this space, for example

8. Using curtains

White or sheer curtains keep things light and airy, which is why this living room is so cheery.

9. The way you decorate

Minimalist furnishings really keep things open and fresh. Add softer features like a shag rug for a more inviting atmosphere.

10. Certain room dividers

This bookshelf room divider keeps a constant flow of energy and light in this open plan home. Other room divider options include beaded or cloth curtains.

11. Neutrals

The cream colour of these walls paired with neutral furnishings creates a soft and comforting space, and those textiles sure are tempting!

12. Decorative lights

This home has no problem staying light–just look at those huge widows! Floor-to-ceiling blinds help control the amount of light that can come in, and decorative hanging lights help with illumination when the sun goes down.

13. Don't shy away from colour

White living rooms aren't the only ones that can stay bright. Light colours like this teal work as well, but keep the ceiling white.

14. The good about wood

Wooden walls and floors in light shades help keep things bright and zen at the same time.

15. Sky lights

This last home uses sky lights to bring in the light. No matter what time of day it is, these residents can rest assured knowing they'll have proper illumination.

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