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The reconstruction of a house is not to break free of the past and erase history, but is instead a method of helping old building adapt to modern lifestyle. Technology advancement in home construction essentials like lighting, plumbing, heating, ventilation and temperature management that ensures efficient energy consumption is another reason why homeowners have to replace old with new.

Renovation experts are engaged in helping owners redesign their abodes in such a way that it retains base essence through its foundation though its exteriors are transformed. The project we bring forth for your exploration and scrutiny is a two bedroom apartment that has undergone a stylish transformation. The house was given a refreshing coat of paint and other finishes to restore its past glory.

1. Entrance region

We start the home tour with most important places of the dwelling which is the entrance door and here the entrance area opens directly into a long corridor that controls access to all divisions of the apartment. The dark and gloom entrance with minimal light has now become a very pleasant and luminous corridor. This pleasing transformation was brought about by  applying a fresh coat of light wall paint that reflects natural light in various directions without absorbing it.

2. Bright interiors

In this image we can see how the use of color and introduction of natural light has helped to transform the rooms and they have an environment that is absolutely different from the previous one. Both regions are located opposite to each other but receive light from the same region which is the balcony and while the side which has a door leading to it is brighter the room with a simple window is bright too. 

3. Darkness to light

These pictures show another before and after perspective. The first picture shows light blue walls and dark floor with a window located far on the left side which makes the front room a dark and gloomy space. Now with sparkling white walls and extension of window size the rooms are awash with natural light. The dark parquet floor also looks smart with every corner of the house glowing with light from the windows.

4. Spacious and open

After the reconstruction and change the interiors have become almost unrecognizable as every nook and corner of the house has received bright makeover. While the walls have been given fresh shade of off-white reflects light instead of absorbing it, the windows and doors along with their frames have been given similar white tone. The lovely parquet floor has been retained and has been given a varnished finish to enhance the wood's brightness and reflects light. 

5. Shabby country to modern chic

Reconstruction is most evident in the kitchen region as is visible in these pictures where you can see how a rundown country kitchen with wooden shelves has been replaced with lacquered cabinets and chimney. As the previous kitchen was already in sad condition of decay it was decided to completely revamp the region from ceiling to floor with new furniture, flooring and equipment.

6. Closer look at revamped kitchen

Who would believe that this is a renovated area as this modern kitchen appears as if this home has never been inhabited. The modern kitchen has received a fresh wooden counter and lacquered cabinet that makes the region smart while the large windows bring in natural light to make cooking a pleasurable exercise across the day. The old parquet floor has been replaced with trendy ceramic tiles to get a contemporary look resulting in the creation of a dynamic space. 

7. Converting a bathroom

Bathroom was another region that needed immediate attention like the kitchen in terms of layout and color. From the two pictures you can see how several changes have been made to make the bathroom spacious by removing non-essential sanitation pieces and replacing twin windows with single wide pane. The bathtub has been replaced with a glass shower unit just as the parquet floor has been replaced with cement tiles to create a modern bathroom.

8. Elegant touches

We end the tour with a closer look into the changes that have made a dull bathroom into a trendy bathroom that represents class. The rectangular mirror with luminous golden border sets the stage for space with character which is visible in the stylish square washbasin with simple cabinet built as a single unit.

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Which renovated section did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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