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A boring flat gets a modern touch (and the results are spectacular)!

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Living in a house that has been in the family for generations that still has classic style dark flooring and decor? If you are considering on giving it a facelift but want to retain its old world charm and essence then it is advisable to select a renovation professional that understands your needs.

In this ideabook we present the transformation of a traditional residence to a modern abode by shedding all its dull colors and heavy furniture and taking on a lighter hue. Renovation and restoration experts have restored the old vitality and character of the house by splashing it with neutral colors and planting large windows to bring in natural light. Here are some before and after pictures of the project that will help our readers to shed all fears and undertake the renovation required for modern house.

1. Before—Gloomy outdated room

This is how the dining and study region appeared before the renovation exercise, a picture of beige and brown tones where the only uplifting factor is the charming embroidered curtain with colorful flower motif. Dark mahogany wood furniture plays a prominent role here which brings down the spirit of the room instead of uplifting it as there are no light toned features here to balance the dark furniture.  The home office and study area is a located on the right and is cluttered area with books and stationery.

2. Before—A simple kitchen

The kitchen maybe decorated with covered cabinets and electrical equipment but these are set in a haphazard manner with little space for creativity. The cabinets above the counter make the region claustrophobic as there is little breathing space between them. Dull back-splash and floor tiles show that the kitchen needs a drastic change despite the effort of charming counter to retain brightness into the region.

3. Before—Bathroom suspended in time wrap

If the main areas of the house are dull and faded one cannot expect the bathroom to be modern with latest equipment. The walls in this bathroom have dull off-white tiles and an old fashioned washbasin that almost hangs out of the counter. Though there are multiple drawers and cabinets in the walls below the counter and next to the layout is haphazard as it has led to excess storage space without purpose.

4. Project plan of reconstruction

The chief purpose of renovation was to create a modern abode with minimal changes to the main structure and give a completely new look to the living room. To achieve their objective the first task of the renovation project was to demolish the wall between kitchen and living room. This led to creation of a large hall and a modern living room which could be decorated better. To give a positive vibe to the kitchen it was moved to the work studio that was located near the dining region and it now overlooks the dining area through a window in the wall. The studio has been recreated next to the kitchen with just a fraction of the space it was once allotted. 

5. Transformed living room

The living room is now unrecognizable with open atmosphere sans walls and daylight streaming into the house all through the day with  large windows on the sides. All white interiors also help in making the area look bright and airy in partnership with light toned furniture that is laid out in this region.

6. Dining area

Several pieces of original furniture has been retained as they were made of good quality mahogany wood and can last several years if maintained well. The dining table and chairs along with display shelf holding books and television has been have been retained in the new environment as the surroundings are bright and cheerful under new lighting system provided by suspended crystal chandelier.  Both living and dining areas are located in the main hall and complement each other with the contrasting color tones of furniture as the former has light colored sofas while latter has dark toned wood furniture. 

7.The eclectic kitchen

The kitchen may continue its same white background color scheme but it is now organized in a manageable fashion. Modern gadgets have been neatly fixed into the wall along with a full length cupboard that acts like a larder to store essentials. A new feature in the form of a dark island has been set up kitchen before a large window that brings in natural light. The black island supported by twin white bar stools acts as a prepping area and breakfast bar turning this area into eclectic kitchen.

8. Study

The study is certainly smaller than its original size, but that has not reduced its functionality. The large desk takes shape from the wall, while behind it is a large and extensive library. The natural color of the wood was finally abandoned in favor of the white lacquer turning the small study region into a cheerful and relaxed place.

9. Transformed bathroom

The new bathroom seems to exude brightness and energy from everywhere. The tiles have been replaced with a lovely patterned wall that is brighter while floor has a mix of elongated mosaic tiles. Multiple cabinets around the mirror and counter have been replaced with glossy lacquered mobile sink and cabinets that are compact and attractive. The selection of a transparent shower cabinet instead of open one has cleared the region of  clutter.

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