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15 ideas to add headboard to your bed (and make your bedroom look spectacular)!

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Скандинавское настроение, Ekaterina Donde Design Ekaterina Donde Design Scandinavian style bedroom
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A headboard adds personality to your bed and is a critical part of bedroom design. It’s a decorative feature that focuses one’s attention on the bed and makes a world of difference in the overall design of the room.

Originally, headboards were made from wood and served as a piece of furniture to protect the head from the coldness of the wall. However, nowadays, you find them in a variety of materials and colours, allowing you to coordinate them to create a perfect bedroom. Here are 15 headboards that we guarantee will add style to your bedroom!

​1. Classic doesn’t go out of style

We love this headboard design, which creates a dreamy ambiance in a small space. The secret lies in using textures along with furniture with timeless elegance.

2. Don’t be afraid of colour

If your bedroom colour scheme tends towards neutral, add a splash of colour with a bright red or yellow headboard. Choose a shade that either contrasts or complements the other colours in the bedroom. Carry through the brightness to other small accessories or details in the room to reinforce the colour scheme.

3. Beauty doesn’t have to do away with functionality

We think of a headboard as a decorative accessory, but they can also play a functional role in the bedroom. In this room, the headboard doubles up as a bookshelf creating ample vertical storage. It’s perfect if you are one of those people who likes to read before bedtime.

4. Use art to transport you

If your bed comes with a bedside drawer, don’t waste the space over the head of your bed by keeping it blank. Using a large photo format vinyl as a headboard can transform the ambiance in your bedroom, making you feel like you are in a dream location.

5. Oriental screens

Like old door and window frames, partition screens are a good option for headboards. You can find them in several styles. Asian inspired ones, especially Japanese screens, add a charming oriental touch with their shimmering gold tones that reflect light.

6. Unusual material

You can choose from two types of headboard – those that come with the bed and others that are added separately. The latter option allows for the use of unique materials to achieve the look you desire, whether it’s industrial or eclectic. Visit markets selling antiques to look for old doors or other interesting pieces that you can use as the headboard.

7. Geometric prints

Use a headboard to add dimension to your bedroom through geometric shapes. Try to choose one or two additional elements in the room that carry through the geometric design. In this room, in addition to the geometric painting in the same dimensions as the square headboard, contrast is created by globular hanging lamps as well as a cube-shaped stool.

8. Monochrome elegance

The bedroom in this Mexican residence represents the striking use of the monochromatic palette. The entire area has a sober and sophisticated feel, with the headboard syncing with the colour scheme and style of the rest of the room.

See A Monochrome Home for more ideas on this theme.

9. Floor to ceiling cover

A headboard can be used to add depth to the room by playing around with proportions, like in this bedroom, where it covers the space from the floor to the ceiling. If you have doubts about how a particular headboard will look in your room, ask for advice from your interior designer.

10. Eco-friendly headboards

Pallets are a nice recycled option for creating a headboard. They also give a different and original touch to the design of the bedroom, besides helping to save the environment.

11. Along the entire wall

Another unique idea for a headboard is to cover the space behind the bed by adding texture and warmth to it using a material such as wood.

12. Minimalist bedroom

Often, less is more, as is the case of this minimalist bedroom with a headboard created using simple lines that add style without being flashy. It creates a relaxing environment that is perfect for resting.

13. Dual function

In an open-plan home, like in a studio or loft, when there’s a need to separate the bedroom from the rest of the apartment, the headboard can go beyond being a design element and serve as a partition that keeps the area private.

14. Traditional with a twist

kleine Musterwohnung, K. A. K. A. Scandinavian style bedroom

Wrought iron beds are a traditional element in most bedrooms. Nowadays, you can find them in a variety of styles ranging from romantic to minimalist. This bedroom gets a modern look with a wrought iron headboard made with simple lines.

15. A mix of shapes for a unique effect

Modern headboards are innovative, and quite often, you can find a unique style like this one that is made to order by a design professional.

Which of these headboard designs will you pick for your bedroom? Respond in the comments.

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