10 Fabulous sliding door ideas for your home

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The doors of our home are like the great guardians that protect, preserve, keep us within safe limits and give us a sense of privacy within our homes. Therefore, doors deserve special care when choosing them.

But before you decide upon what design you would like for a home, choose between sliding or hinged doors. Depending on the purpose of the door, space available and location, the type of door you may need may vary.  Sliding doors are perhaps the best things to happen to home interiors. From the door’s practicality and adaptability for smaller spaces, sliding doors can transform your space. Here, we have listed out 10 swank sliding doors that you may like:

1. The right material for the right space

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Private spaces like bedrooms, wardrobes, lockers etc. must be made with opaque material. The less private areas of the home can have transparent glass or plastic materials that allow light in.

2. Perfect for outdoor

The main doors of a home usually have hinged mechanism for better safety. But, if you are looking to install a door between the interior and exterior of the home like a terrace or garden space, then sliding are the best choice. They control the flow of light & air and protect without disrupting the view from the outside in.

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3. Mix & match

To prevent your sliding door from looking boring, mix and match materials in compliance to the tone of the room. Mix glass and wood to create a stylish look that is consistent style for balanced and symmetrical look that is pleasant on the eyes.

4. Reflect your dreams on your doors

This door not holds a wardrobe behind it, but is a dream come alive that has transformed the entire room. This door has been adorned with a simple vinyl sticker that beautifies, adds grandeur and fools the eye into believing it is a view outside the door. A vinyl sticker is all you need to add luxury to your home interiors!

5. Create your space even outdoors

Another advantage of sliding doors is that they let you create a private zone even outdoors. They are ideal for any weather condition and they look very stylish and discreet. They give you the privacy you need without completely blocking out the exteriors.

6. A colourful change!

Using sliding doors does not mean that you have to compromise on the design aspect of your home, and it definitely doesn’t have to be limited to boring monotones! Combine materials like wood, stained glass, blacksmithing or any material you can imagine. Even if you use heavy materials, equip the doors with rotating wheels for easier use.

7. Perfect for small spaces

Sliding doors are ideal for smaller spaces as they offer more practicality. Save the extra space you lose out every time you open the door with sliding doors. They also cover up uncomfortable corners of small rooms.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

8. Power of Invisibility

Why install just a door when it can double as a decorative wall! What could be a simple detail on the wall is a discreet and decorative door. What’s more, these doors occupy almost no space in your room.

9. Dare to design

Glass is one of the most used materials in this type of doors, mainly for its lightness and elegance. Glass allows us to have more privacy in terms of even dirt, smell and sounds. Though visually shared, the spaces in the picture shown are physically separated.

10. Sliding doors with traditional designs

If you observe with the naked eye, you would not believe that this pair of doors is actually sliding doors, because its design and material is similar to that of a hinged door. The difference is that they can become invisible with just a push leading into the passage directly. This design, for example, could even be used in the front door, or as an automated door of a garage.

Checkout 10 Fab sliding door ideas for home. Try them and share your comments.

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