10 Amazing tile designs for your walls and floors

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Giving your home the oomph factor is not an easy task. It is important to achieve the right balance of intelligent designing and the want to exude luxury in every corner. Sometimes, an overkill of either can make your home look too flashy or too dull. 

One of the most important contributing factor to making your home look chic is the flooring. Tiles come in to picture when you want a flooring that complements the lighting, ceiling or the walls. But, the potential of good tiles paved the way for designers to play with tiles on the walls and other unexpected areas of a home.  Pretty much every beautiful house has its fair share of tiles on walls, floors, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, foyers and lots of other rooms. Tiles are versatile and favourite amongst designers.

Tiles come at different prices and serve different purposes. Tiles can make or break the look of a home. But the tiles' biggest selling point is the style. When it comes to decorating our homes, there's a tile for every taste and he style factor of a home. Here, we discuss what makes tiles a classic and a hit with every space.

1. Who said subway tiles are boring!

Ensuite Bathroom with Walk In Shower STUDIO Z Modern bathroom White

Ensuite Bathroom with Walk In Shower


The modest subway tiles are white and mostly come in basic shapes like rectangles and squares. But, the real potential of subway tiles goes unexplored. StudioZ has achieved this sophisticated look in a bathroom with the regular subway tiles by creating a diagonal herringbone pattern on the walls. The white tiles against the dark filling is a subtle hint of the luxurious abode that your bathroom is!

2. Mix up the traditional black and white hex tiles

Black and white hexagonal tiles are passé – or so we thought until these classics came in bigger sizes. Let your imagination play with juxtaposing white against black or black against white. Litter white tiles amidst a posh black floor and surprise yourself with the modish look you get!

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

3.Dark to light

Go dark to light on your walls. The ombre look – where a colour fades from dark to light (or vice versa) is a hot new trend that is seen everywhere these days. Now, ombre has taken over our homes as well.

Here, a trendy bathroom is embellished in Ombre, the colour slowly fades out from black to white for an exciting retro do.

4. Tiles with a wooden finish

Valverdi Chalet Vail Smoke Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles The London Tile Co. Walls & flooringTiles Porcelain Wood effect
The London Tile Co.

Valverdi Chalet Vail Smoke Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

The London Tile Co.

The wood grained tiles are a super hit amongst homeowners who want a wooden finish but hesitate to use wood for the fear of rot. These tiles are durable, sturdy and emanate the luxury unique to wood.

5. Patterns that you will love!

Go all out with patterned tiles. Tiles with geometric patterns and bold designs are making a comeback in hallways and otherwise sober parts of homes. Express your individuality with colourful geometric tiles and give your home a unique flavour. However, these tiles can overwhelm and need to be carefully set in. You can also place a flurry of these tiles between plain tiles of the same shade of colour.

6. Arabesque tiles are in

Small, repeating tiles have been part of our household for many years now. Though the pattern doesn’t seem to ever go out of fashion, the shapes of the tiles are changing. Enter the arabesque shape tiles – one of the most popular styles now.

Originally found in the Arabic architecture, these tiles work well in any space in your home. The lines and patterns original to these tiles create a soft and a graceful feel and are soothing on the eyes.

7. Bring on the bling!

Metallic shades are risky and can be overkill on small spaces. But, yet again the versatile tiles surprise us by effortlessly adopting metallic tones. Add opulence to any space with these reflective metal tone tiles and create an illusion of more space. Glamour is now child’s play!

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8. Earthen hues for your home with exposed brick

Create a rustic look in your home using the exposed brick tiles. Bricks are cut in to thinner slices and mounted on the walls with grout to create this look. Nothing is as fashionable and grounded like an exposed brick tile wall. It is easy to carry off in any type of home. If red isn’t your favourite, then consider painting over the wall for a distinctive look.

9. Escape in to the charm of mural tiles

Mural tiles have the ability to create individual zones within your home. They are picturesque and can create standalone walls within your home. 

This bathroom has been beautified with a Chinese hand-painted wall-paper like mural tiles. This pattern stretches out through the entire wall pulling attention from the rest of the bathroom.

10. Bring art on to your floor tiles

Ouroboros Tile installation at Canada Water Cafe, London Peter Ibruegger Studio Eclectic style gastronomy
Peter Ibruegger Studio

Ouroboros Tile installation at Canada Water Cafe, London

Peter Ibruegger Studio

The designers here have installed tiles with an interesting twist. This comes from a restaurant in England, where tiles are more of an art installation with designs that include snakes, faces that smile, wink and kiss, shapes, seemingly infinite swirls and even text.

Take a look at 10 Amazing tile trends for your home. Try them and share your comments.

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