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10 Beautiful home entrance ideas to enchant your guests

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Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill Martin Gardner Photography Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
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Every host aspires to make a lasting impression on guests and win their admiration for the unusual and charming decoration of their house. Every home is a reflection of the thoughts, aspirations and experiences of the people that stay in it and displays the image that they want to project to the world. 

A living room is the most public section of the house that is visited by friends followed by dining area and entrance hall so these sections have to be decorated in a way that it represents the image which its owners want to project. Here are 10 beautiful decoration ideas that can be used in living room, entrance hall and other sections of the house that guests frequent that can be used by anyone to enhance their home interiors.

1. Step up in style

An entrance made in traditional style with wooden floor deserves a worthy staircase so why not make it with the same materials and patterns.  In this decoration project the beauty of creativity lies in the polished wooden staircase decorated with smaller version of the pattern that cover the floor across the hallway and takes guests on a pleasant journey across the house.

2. Soothing layout

Blue and grey create a soothing atmosphere in this charming living room that exudes peace and comfort. An unusual but noticeable part of the decoration is the long rectangular carpet from door to the seating area which enhances the feeling of welcome to guests. Framed mirrors, glass flower and golden lamps on the walls showcase the creative spirit of owners who used personal taste to decorate their home interiors instead of borrowing décor plans from magazines.

3. Retro touch

Decoration of a modern home with retro pieces has to be done with style and finesse so that the interiors do not appear outdated or stuck in a time-wrap.  Keeping this thought in mind the owners have used only the barest of retro items that complement each other like candle stands shaped like oil lamps on the small yellow dresser and earthen jugs on glass table near the staircase.

4. Bright hallway

Colors have a deep influence on moods and vibrations that the house generates among people that stay in it and visitors. Just as green and white tones have a positive effect on the mind and fill it with energy; this hallway connecting the living room to other sections of the house was dressed in green tone with touches of white to arouse similar feelings. White outlines in the form of doors, frames and ceiling border distribute natural lighting across the space.

5. Art gallery

E2 PAVILION ECO HOUSE, BLACKHEATH E2 Architecture + Interiors Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

Objects like artistic figurines, decorative pieces and paintings are ideal showpieces for expressing one’s taste and preference for art or along with memorabilia of overseas travel. In this country style hallway a low and long sideboard has been used to decorate books and also keep small decorative objects while the wall showcases paintings and maps collected by family members on their overseas tours.

6. Enlightenment

Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill Martin Gardner Photography Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
Martin Gardner Photography

Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill

Martin Gardner Photography

Creating perfect lighting arrangements that illuminates the house and enhance each object is a masterstroke which every house-owner aims to achieve.  The hallway connecting the living area to entrance was expected to keep the pathway sufficiently illuminated so the region is lit with combination of classic drop-down chandeliers and recessed ceiling lights adding elegance to the beautiful region highlighted by large mirrors.

7. Practical creation

The custom of taking off outdoor shoes when arriving at home is very common in several countries. To retain this practice without creating a messy situation when several guests arrive, engage in this project of setting up an open shoe rack to accommodate the shoes. A small chair for easy removal of shoes and round hooks allow easy organization of objects on the wall.

8. Perennial beauty of fresh flowers

Flowers have a way of making every region beautiful by their colorful presence that is both pleasant and welcoming. Here the entrance hall is decorated with large bunches of delightful roses arranged in wicker baskets on a classic dresser with curvaceous legs that add extra charm to the decor.

9. Simple and classy

One does not need to always decorate the house with expensive furniture and objects of art as even simple objects kept in an smart an unusual setting manages to capture the attention of visitors. This simple combination of classic style corner table, table lamps, fresh flowers and mirror framed in wood showcases taste and simplicity.

10. Balanced composition

The classic style chintz sofa displaying charming seating arrangement for guests is only part of this beautiful composition. Stylish background made up of framed paintings and wall sconces as lamps brings perfect balance into the area creating an environment worth appreciation. 

To have a home that everyone admires try to avoid these Things that guests hate when they visit your home.

Which idea did you like the best. Do let us know in your comments below.
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