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homify 360°: Trish House, Kent

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Trish House in Kent, England is a striking triumph of minimalist architecture and interior design. By Matthew Heywood Limited, the remarkable house manages to play with light and space in a way that most minimalist buildings don’t come close to achieving. Curious? Find out more below.

​The rear view

Although a truly marvellous piece of architecture and in any light, Trish House is definitely at its grandest after nightfall. The rear of the house features more glass than the front, for the obvious reasons relating to privacy, and it’s this that makes it stand out so impressively against the dark sky behind. Illuminated like this, the house almost gives the impression of being wholly on display. Even though, logically, it’s apparent that the non-transparent sections must conceal something, the design of the windows makes it appear that the building itself has been sliced into, split open, leaving everything fully exposed.

​The rear view by daylight

The house does look irresistibly interesting lit up against a night time background, but its daytime self – though less imposing – is certainly still very charming. Now we can better see the impact of that uncompromising monochrome colour scheme, and the way the coloured sections interact with the slashes of glass to create intricate geometric patterns.

​The windows

The complex design of each window is quite astounding – and each one is made all the more beautiful by the huge quantities of blue sky it reflects.

​The front view

This side of the house follows a very similar design to the other one, although compromises have clearly been made here in terms of the amount of glass employed.

​The living room

A perfectly contemporary house requires a perfectly contemporary living room, and rhis one is certainly more than up to the task. Sticking strictly to a washed-out palette of greys and white, entering this room is like stepping into a black and white film – a black and white film with hyper modern set design. There is a lot to admire in this space, but the standout piece has to be that stunning space-age fireplace, that looks like a flying saucer continually hovering just above the earth. The metallic lamp on the right-hand side of the picture provides an ideal, albeit subtle, complement to this.

​Fun with light

The unique structure of the windows means that light enters the interior space in a particularly unusual, inconsistent manner, fully flooding certain parts of the rooms while leaving others in shadow.

​The perfect minimalist kitchen

White, white, everything white… any ketchup spills on these surfaces had better be cleaned up instantly. Even the inside of the sink is white, an indent in a sea of spotless white in a spotless white room.

​The staircase

The stairs are barely there, so light and understated as to almost seem made out of air. What makes this view particularly breathtaking, however, is that from here we can see one of those incredible windows in its entirety, filling the space with bright daylight across two floors.

The bedroom

And suddenly, we’re in colour (though only just). The other features of the room hardly seem to matter, when that window is there stealing the show.

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